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Saturday, May 25, 2013

It's A Process!

The other day Master and i went to buy some supplies at Menards, if you don't know what this is, it's a chain Home Improvement Store.  Anyway, we had a large lumber cart that wasn't cooperating and Master told me to stay with the cart while He went and gathered some other items we needed. 

i did as He said and stood at the cart while He was away.  While Master was gone i was just watching passers-by with their carts, shopping and walking around.  i took particular notice of this one woman with her cart.  She was clearly browsing the store with not much aim, if you will.  She was going up and down each isle as though she was just looking for ... nothing.  She really looked sort of lost and more than anything, she looked as though she had no purpose.  i watched her weave in and out of each isle with nothing at all in her cart. 

The more i watched her the more appreciative i became of the structure in my life.  i knew absolutely nothing about this woman but her patterns just made me so grateful for Master.  As i stood there at our cart watching for Master to appear, it occurred to me that when He turned the corner and saw me, it probably wouldn't even cross His mind that i was exactly where He left me.  Why would it?  He told me to stay, so there i stood.

Why isn't everything so cut and dry for me?  Some rules i couldn't imagine breaking, no matter how difficult they are.  When i'm hungry and i know He wouldn't find out why can't i just sneak a bite? He won't know. But i just can't, it's against the rules and He says so, that's why.  The keys to the locks i wear are in His pants pocket at the end of the bed, would i ever think to unlock myself without His permission?  That's actually laughable, i would never.

Why then is it okay to run around the house barefoot sometimes or in lower heels than the rules state?  That's a big one and i am reprimanded often for this same infraction.  Talking from room to room, it was "okay" to just do that.  Until now, that is.  This is one He's demanding i stop immediately.  The punishment will be to wear a gag until He's satisfied that i've learned that lesson.  He doesn't care where i am in the house, i'll come to Him to speak.  Unless the situation is dire, of course.

i wish i knew how to make each and every rule mean as much to me as the next.  Every single thing comes from Master, every single solitary word that comes from Him are His words to me.  That in and of itself is enough for me to take it to heart.  Why then would there be any distinction at all from one rule to the next?  Sure there are some that are more sentimental than others, but everything that He tells me to do, everything that He wants from me should carry the same weight. 

From holding a board for Him and helping Him build His next project to helping Him choose a movie to watch.  i am His partner in all things.  Everything should be just as important as the next and the next.  i would love for Him one day know that every rule, everything He expects of me will be "done" without question or having to wonder.  How amazing would that be, for the both of us?

i say this a lot, i need work!  i try every day to recognize where i'm faltering.  Master corrects me often and as difficult as it is, i need it.  It's a process, it's a journey, it's our life.  i wouldn't trade a moment of it!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure     


  1. I have to say, I enjoy wandering around stores. Sometimes I have a few items I need....sometimes just a general idea (cleaning supplies). I make good money and can spend it how I choose (for the most part) and find great pleasure in shopping. I have a huge closet full of clothes (quality over quantity of course) and love tooling around the home improvement stores. I hope no one ever feels sorry for me as they have no need to. I enjoy going with Sir also but alone is just fine. I feel I have a purpose.

  2. Hi there and thank you so much for your comment! Naturally, i meant no disrespect nor did i mean to diminish anyone else's lifestyle or how things work or don't work for them.

    i used to have a full time job and made plenty of money on my own and was completely independent. i am familiar with the whole browsing and shopping as well. Now that i think about it, at least once a year, i load up my pocket book and take to the stores all by myself. Where i know i used to love the feeling of shopping and browsing and taking all the time in the world to look, i know now, that just doesn't work for me anymore.

    When i read back over my post i see how it certainly looks as though i was feeling sorry for the woman i was watching. i believe the sight of her just reminded me that i was glad of my current position in life, certainly not judgmental of anyone else. Nor can i imagine where i've ever even hinted that any slave or submissive hasn't had a purpose in her life. i couldn't be more supportive of who we are and what we do.

    Watching her reminded me that now when i go out on my one big shopping spree at Christmas time alone, i hate it. i just know how much i've changed throughout the years while i used to have that freedom, i can't imagine my life any other way than it is right now. i love the structure He provides.

    Thank you again for your feedback and for keeping me on my toes....