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Friday, February 03, 2012

If it is so important to you to keep your sexual preferences secret from your family, friends and the public, then why don't you just dress in normal street clothes when you are with other people?

When i first came to live with Master i had a bit of an inner struggle, knowing that people around me, women mostly, were looking at what i was wearing and judging me. Over time though i realized that pleasing Master and becoming comfortable in my role as His slave was so much more important to me than anything anyone could think of me. So any judgements or dirty looks were pretty quickly tossed aside.

There were some questions as well, people thinking that Master was too controlling and mean to me. That He wouldn't allow me to wear pants or flats in different situations. That too took some time and as the family got to know our dynamic better they soon realized that Master wasn't only the one who wanted me to dress this way. Master's Mom was the most outspoken and i finally had to let her know that i am completely comfortable.

Now the way that i dress is simply, the way i dress. Quite honestly i don't dress in anything that one might consider extreme in any way, it's just different. Everything i wear can be purchased in any average store and with the exception of some pretty rockin' high heels i don't wear anything out of the ordinary, my daily wear is quite normal however. Women these days don't wear hosiery as much as they used to and few wear stockings and a girdle but that's not seen through the clothing.

Should you be referring to the fact that i was wearing the leather collar in public, this was totally an anomaly. During the summer months Master puts the eternity collar on me for the entire summer and i never get a comment. The only reason i hadn't removed the leather collar was because i had a turtle neck shirt on over the collar while in the store and while i was in the fitting room, the door was only open for seconds at a time. As a rule, if the collar is going to be seen, it's removed.

So you see this isn't just about sexual preference this is also a way of life and these are my street clothes. =) Like i mentioned earlier, i got over the judgements quickly and soon came to realize that there's nothing more important than living this life for Master and for me. If i could, if we could, we would be a bit more open with our lifestyle but at this time we can't. Maybe someday we will. In the past couple years we've taken some huge steps that we never thought we would, so we're getting there.

Thank you very much for the question! i hope answered you! =)

Peace to you!

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  1. nicely said :) My collar is the only thing that makes me nervous when it comes to family and people in general. The clothes that Master likes me to wear are not obscene or kinky (okay sometimes ;)) but they are "normal" so i just need to find a collar to wear to the gym and in the pool, i'm getting less shy about wearing it the steel one in public.

  2. Normal street clothes? Since when is a dress or skirt with stockings and female shoes not normal street clothes for a woman? I'm confused. Not to be confrontational, but're asking why not wear jeans and tennis shoes in public, frankly, if I wanted that, I would have been gay. :)

    Then again, asking her why she does or wears something is pointless, because it's not up to her.

    To me, it's the women who dress like men who are trying to keep their sexual preferences secret. We keep nothing secret from anyone who asks. Those who don't ask don't need to be made uncomfortable because of their petty prejudices. It's just easier that way for everyone, and we're willing to make the effort to keep the peace, because bigots aren't.

    I know you didn't ask me the question, but you ask My property something, you're asking me too. We think the same way, she's just nicer than I am. :)

  3. I was baffled reading this. Through your pictures and descriptions, I thought you dressed wonderfully. I try to wear dresses and skirts, and for that, at least, I've never gotten odd looks.

  4. Lea,

    i actually really enjoyed the opportunity to answer this question. This offered a terrific way to show that dressing as a lady doesn't have to be looked upon as anything other than perfectly normal and socially acceptable. What has become the norm has only really been OK for a very short time.

    Not long before we were "hatched" =) a lady would have been run out of church for showing up in anything but a dress and it would have been ghastly had she not had her underthings and stockings on as well! =) Crazy how quickly people forget.