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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Dressing For Master

This year and pretty much every year Master and i have been together, Santa brings me a new bra or two and in the last few years, a new girdle. i've been saving them for something special. Nothing huge just anything out of the ordinary as what i was wearing wasn't completely in disrepair and it's always fun for me to wear brand new undergarments!

So Tuesday Master had an appointment out of town to see the doctor. Just a three month check up type of thing, not a big deal. Each time we drive out of town though, we take advantage of the gas we're burning and make it a nice day if we can. Tuesday was no different so i thought it was a perfect opportunity to wear my pretty new things! The night before i ironed my dress and had Master's things laid out so we were all set. We even left on time, crazy for us actually. For some reason both of my full slips were just too long and my dress wasn't a short dress. It was quite annoying but i dealt with it all day. i'm going to have to put in a request to my **Buyer** hahaha (Master) to get me a shorter full slip!!! =)

After Master's appointment we had plans, or so we thought to meet His Mom and Dad for lunch. Sometimes i think they purposely throw a monkey wrench into things just to mess with our heads though. Master's Mom's appointment ran late, (absolutely unavoidable) but why they didn't call us for the almost hour and 1/2 we tried calling them to find out what in the world was going on, is still a mystery. Which was fine, it's just good to get a phone call, right? Right.

i've mentioned before that i get a lot of my clothes from Goodwill, for me it just makes sense. i also shop at department stores but i just refuse to pay full price for something that i know if i shop often enough or if i'm patient, i will get that same item for much, much less. Case in point, this Christmas season i fell head over heels for a baby pink cable knit cowl neck sweater. The retail price was $58 at Khols. i was really drawn in by this sweater and just about suckered in but i resisted. Master and i stopped by Khols to make a return and they were having a huge sale lots of stuff up to 80% off. Truth be told i had forgotten all about this sweater i just couldn't live without but there it was, large as life, for $21.00. i was so excited i couldn't believe my good fortune, my waiting had paid off, they even had it in my size!! It really was the perfect sweater, but i walked away, a second time. If i forgot about it once, i'll forget about it again and right now i'm heading away from skirts and sweaters toward dresses. It's not the direction Master wants me going. Had i gotten that sweater i would have felt guilty, knowing we're looking for cute dresses and belts to go with them. So that's what we did, we went to Goodwill! But not before we found an adorable pair of clearance shoes for $11! i put my $5 refund money toward them and Master made up the difference. Yay! =)

In some towns Tuesdays are quarter day at Goodwill other places Tuesdays are 1/2 off day of a certain color tag. Either way, Tuesday is the day to go. Sometimes when we go i make out like a bandit other times not so much. This Tuesday was just "okay". i got a couple of cute belts, one that is way too big that Master will have to cut off and another that the buckle was so amazing i couldn't pass it up but it's missing a stone and will have to be polished.

Dresses are normally $5.38 even if they aren't 1/2 off, some of them are brand new. Where else can you get a brand new dress for that price? Yeah, no where. Nothing i wear ever looks like it came from a second hand shop. It's not torn, faded, stained (unless i spill on it!) or old. i came home with an adorable Lands End dress, a little dress to wear around the house for house work and Master found a long sweater dress for when it's really cold. Not that i think i'll need it this year.

When i try on dresses at Goodwill Master stands right at the fitting room so He can give the thumbs up or thumbs down on each item. After all He's the one that looks at me, He lets me have an opinion but if He doesn't like the dress, i don't get it. This last trip i had the collar on because i was wearing a turtle neck shirt. Master will only tell me to take His collar off if i'm wearing something that will clearly show it in public, otherwise it's always on, always. So each time i opened the door to show Him my current dress obviously the collar would show. One time a lady was walking by and i stepped out with the collar on and she looked at the dress i had on and then she looked up at me and i'm sure the collar. She did a double take and kept walking. It's quite unmistakable as it's black and pink leather with a purple dog tag hanging from it. i didn't think to take it off as i was only in the threshold of the door for mere seconds at a time. i know she saw me and it though. i just have to wonder what people think when they see someone who clearly isn't "goth" wearing something so bold. i wonder if they think anything more than "huh what a weird necklace" or if they actually put thought into it. There is a huge part of me that wishes we were able to be open with our dynamic, i'm sure i'm not alone in that thinking. Maybe someday! =)

That's it for me today, i'm off to get some laundry done. i have to wash my new stuff! i hope all is well in blogland!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure


  1. I love that you write about your dress. I really look up to you as someone with experience dressing as a lady, especially since I've been struggling with this.

    I'm trying to avoid purchasing things that I know takes me away from what Sir wants me to be, and reduce what I already have that isn't in compliance.

    I like it sometimes when we can display my submission to him in public. We tend to do this in subtle ways; since I have a super public job and would like to keep it. People can be really ignorant, and Sir doesn't want to put me into a situation where it could damage my career. I've never worn my collar in public, but we have done bondage.

    I also wonder what people think when they see things like that. I also am on the lookout for others like us. I've not come across it yet!

  2. Also, is there a way to subscribe to comments by email?

  3. There is now!

    I had to go a'scroungin' for intel on this, and for some reason, the way I had the comment page set up, the link didn't show up. Subscribe away.

  4. Lea~

    i have to thank you for the lovely compliment. As hard as you're working to please your Sir i am certain that He's very proud of His lady as well. No matter what struggles you encounter i think what matters is that you're putting forth a real effort.

    Admittedly, i love to write about this subject! i not only love to write about the pretty things that Master buys for me. i thinks it's terrific fun to talk about the gorgeous clothes He allows me to wear on a daily basis and how they make me feel. i just never knew how feminine i WAS NOT, until i felt what it was like to feel truly feminine.

    Just yesterday we were shopping and i'll tell you what, if money were no object i would have purchased each individual article of clothing from a certain rack. The pinks and the lace, the jeweled tops and flowing chiffon literally had me mesmerized.

    Ahhhh... shopping.... hahahahaha