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Thursday, February 16, 2012

How We Got Here

There have been a few questions as of late about the way i dress and it's exciting to know that people are interested in my daily routine. i think it's important to give a bit of history as to how Master got me to this point.

This has been a very long process a ten year long process to be exact and like any relationship, we are ever changing. Master will never really be done working with me and molding me into His perfect slave, as He calls it. Part of the reason He chose me to be His slave was because i said i was willing to change and become whatever was desired of me. Sometimes that exact person isn't out there at the right time so finding someone who is pliable is almost as good, sometimes better as they aren't set in their ways.

So when i met Master on line i had almost no idea what would be expected of me. He started slowly with skirts, panty hose and lower heels. Of course when i was working i wore skirts and some dresses. i just didn't wear them all the time and i had a fairly nice selection of skirts already in my wardrobe. What i didn't have were things that i could wear on a daily basis for comfort, my things were more formal and for the work setting. So Master set out to widen my wardrobe and my mindset. The first of which was easy, the second took some time. The only thing i had to wrap my head around was to learn that there was very little you couldn't do in a skirt or dress. Over time, i had to learn it over trial and error and i've said time and again the only thing i have trouble doing in a dress is crawling. Crawling to clean, like the bathtub or to hunt for something on the floor. If i know i'm going to be doing anything like that, i wear a shorter skirt! TaDa!

Master soon after added a long legged high waisted panty girdle to the panty hose or tights and i wore those for years. Knowing what i know now and knowing that Master always gets what He wants sooner or later i wish i had been more proactive in the search for an open bottom girdle. A girdle that would look good on me and one that Master and i would both be happy with. He tried many combinations on me, until He was satisfied with something that we could both live with. i believe He only allowed me to have a say in the matter because it's a garment that i would wear constantly and wanted me to be able to wear it with some level of comfort.

my theory on His training and patience is this; Master could have presented me with any combination of a thousand foundation garments from day one. He does however love me and want me to be happy in my role as His slave and doesn't want me to be in constant discomfort. i also believe that the slower He went the more likely i would be to find my own appreciation for the same fine things that He's always loved. He was right, through years of His generosity and surrounding me with every feminine thing you can imagine His enthusiasm was contagious. This wasn't just about wearing these items for Him, it was about changing my entire way of thinking.

The longer i was in that long legged panty girdle, the more uncomfortable it became and the more i wanted something better. i wanted something that would help hold me in more and i wanted to look nicer. The first time i put on the foundation garment that i wear now, the one that really "works" for me, i. was. hooked! Everything changed. my entire silhouette was different and for the first time in a long time i could see some semblance of an hour glass. It was faint but it was there. The stockings that He bought me were perfect and i tossed that panty girdle aside like an old rag.

If there is a time now when it's too warm or there is a reason that i need to leave the foundation garment behind for the day. i am completely uncomfortable leaving the house without something under my clothes. i just don't look right and i certainly don't feel right. He always gives me a choice even after He's made His decision. If it's too warm and He has said i may go without more often than not i chicken out and put it back on before we leave the house, no matter what the weather is going to be. It just feels right.

So here we are today, moving forward again. We went from what seemed like collecting every skirt in the tri-state area and blouses to go with them that we've had to expand our closet to three. Now we've had to thin things out, a lot to make room for the next natural step. Dresses and belts, wide belts and He says the tighter the belt the better. This will be a much slower paced move as dressed are more expensive and much more difficult to come by. However, Master has spoken and there will be no more buying skirts and less wearing them.

That's where we are today. But that's all i know, i'm not privy to His future plans, i never really have been. =) That's best for both of us.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure


  1. "The only thing i had to wrap my head around was to learn that there was very little you couldn't do in a skirt or dress"

    This. Thank you for writing this. My big hurdle is getting into my head that I CAN work my outdoors job in a dress or skirt. It's not the ability, it's the explanation to my coworkers that I fear.

  2. This takes a while, it really does. So there is a trick to it, sort of. Wear things that make you *look* comfortable. i started out in jean skirts, the closest thing to jeans that i could find. i also wore some skirts made of sweat pant material. As long as i looked like i wasn't uncomfortable, people were more at ease around me.

    They need that assurance, especially your family members. They need to know you're OK, because they care about you. The people who care about you most will be the biggest pain in the neck about this. Just as your transition won't happen over night, their acceptance won't either. If you're planning on wearing heels, this will also be an issue. As with the clothing i just provided people with the reassurance they needed to know that i was happy and healthy and loving every bit of this new path i was taking. i welcomed questions and shared stories about my new shoes or how i was obtaining my new skirts or dresses. The more open you are, the more confidence people will have that you're not hiding anything. *g*

    i understand that you have a public job but even that can be handled quite tactfully. IE you're expanding your wardrobe, trying more feminine clothing and shoes, something you've always wanted to do. Of course, i know nothing of it or your private affairs. =)

    Good luck, i hope there's something in this jumble you might find useful!! haha!

  3. That was VERY useful, thank you! Especially for responding to my mass comments (I'm doing a BIG catch up). I'll be looking for things to make a better transition. Thanks for the tip on looking comfortable, and the jeans option especially. That seems like a great way to ease into skirts at my job (its an environmental center). We do a lot of hiking and animal work, so the jean skirt would blend in better than others. : )