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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Punishment

Remember when i ate the cookie without permission?  Well if you do, you're doing better than i am because i can't remember when that was!!  i just remember we were at work when i did it and i remember He wasn't all that happy with me.

So anyway, the punishment was finally given.  i don't even remember when that was either!  A couple days  ago, but i can't even nail down the day.  Wow i'm an awesome historian huh?  Don't ever ask me to be a witness on the stand for you if you need particulars, i am the suck.

So Master decided it was time for me to have my punishment and He told me that i would have a few minutes to finish up at the computer while He got things ready.  Basically that was a little warning for me to get my head on straight because i'm in for a little ride.  Normally i don't get those warnings and when i do, i am super grateful.

Master called me into the bedroom when He was ready and the very first thing He did was put the cuffs on me behind my back.  Then He removed my glasses and put a lacing leather hood on me.  It takes a while to put this hood on and to get the breather holes in the right spots.  Until those holes are right where they need to be, i have to continuously be reminding myself that it'll be fine as soon as it's on properly.  Not only does this hood lace in back, it buckles as well as locks.

Master changed the cuffs from back to front and used some chain around my waist to further restrain my hands and connect them to my waist.  It's all very fuzzy now, and was then too.  Once that hood goes on everything is seriously a mental blur.  i don't think my feet were locked at all, but i might be wrong about that.  i'm not sure.  He told me to get as comfortable as possible because i was going to be in that position for a long, long while.  i felt Him get on the bed next to me and start messing with remotes and stuff, then the baseball game was on the TV.  i was to remain that was for the duration of the game.  So however long a nine inning baseball game lasts, fast forwarding through commercials, i'll have to leave the guesstaments up to you.  =)

The other part of my punishment would be more startling than anything else, occasionally Master would smack me with this swede slapper He has or the leather slapper.  The leather one is quite a bit more than just startling, however!  Then of course there is just the random smack here and there just to be sure i am reminded of the reason for my current predicament.

Once the game was over, Master removed the hood and put the harness blindfold on me with very strict instructions NOT to open my eyes.  i think the idea was that it would bring me out of my current headspace, i'm sure He would have been right.  Although i didn't think of that until just this minute.  Anyway, once the harness was on, the blowjob began!  Master had a long time to warm up because baseball games are long!!! So it took a short time and not much work for me to get Him to His happy place, this time.  That's always exciting for me, because i know He's super turned on!!  =) 

Of course this entire scenario wasn't simply because i ate one cookie.  i messed up a lot that one day.  There is more to it though, i'm really not punished enough for my daily mess-ups.  The times when i forget to say "Yes Master" or when i enter a room and speak without being spoken to, if i forget myself and have a smart mouth, the list is long.  i deserve the punishments i get and more than anything i like the reminder of my place in this relationship.  i am His slave, it's who i am and what i was meant to be in this life.  Call it punishment, call it a reminder of my place, whatever it is, pretty much whenever i get it, it's long over-due.

i hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday evening!

MD's treasure


  1. Ack! You are far braver than I. The idea of anything covering my mouth and/or nose freaks me out to even think about. My Master has been gracious enough to spare me hoods. Kudos.

  2. Haha! Thanks, but ya know it didn't happen for me over night. The first time Master put a hood over my head i freaked out too and i'd had some episodes before that with claustrophobia. The thing about that was, He didn't much care! This WAS going to happen and i WAS going to learn how to deal with it, end of story. So the first time He put that hood on my head and i didn't react favorably, He got very angry and said that i better figure it out, quickly.

    When we first got together we had but one hood and this one was pretty severe, or so i thought at the time. It was a very thick leather, buckles and straps all over the place!! There is one small hole to breath from the nose and that's all, it was super scary, at the time. Most often Master's toys were put away but i noticed one day that the hood was laying at the side of the bed. So while He was gone at work i would picked up the hood and put it on myself. i realized that so long as i gave myself time to get used to the idea that it was going to be dark, hot and quiet, i would be okay. Of course, i still had the use of my hands. It took me a few minutes to get it in place and get the nose hole where i needed it to be but i also knew that i could yank it right back off as quickly as i needed.

    The thought crossed my mind once i had it on that Master could also yank it right off if i needed Him to as well. He could NOT yank it right off me however, once all the buckles were latched and whatnot. i'm breathing, there is air, nothing bad is happening, nothing bad is going to happen. So i sat with those thoughts while in the hood. i did this several times for days in a row until the real test came.

    i had been asking Master if He would please just give me a little warning, let me know only 30 seconds before the hood was going to go on my head. He only said He would give it some thought. The answer to that was inevitably, no, i would be given no warning to prepare. i would wear the hood at His whim and that would be end of it. Thankfully, i now know the sound of the buckles when it's coming near me as i am almost always blindfolded, i can still do a tiny bit of mental prep! =)

    What it boils down to of course, is trust. Master is careful, He gets that hood on me as fast as possible. He gets the nose holes in place as quickly as He can, because He knows i'm scared. It's not because i can't see it's simply because i need to feel a tiny rush of cold air. He will always push me in this area and i must be prepared for that. With each success and every time He takes that hood off me, i feel like i've run a marathon and i know i've pleased Him! It's a wonderful feeling, truly. =)

    1. I've always been squeamish about my airways being covered. I suspect I was smothered in a past lift. :P

      I suspect I would be the same as you. If I got a quick bit of cold air, I'd be fine. Master doesn't seem to have a thing for goods (bullet dodged!) but if he were to develop one, I'd try my best to accept it. He's not out to kill me, so despite the air raid sirens going off in my head telling me my death is imminent, I'll likely survive.