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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

i Need Work

Most of the rules that i follow have been set in place for a long time.  Some of them well over ten years, like the asking permission to leave His presence, that one for sure.  Asking to eat hasn't been set for quite that long, but a long time for sure.  Asking to use the restroom hasn't been for as long but quite some time.  The point being, it's all second nature for me to ask before doing any one of those things.  The other thing that is also second nature is that i presume Master will say an automatic "yes" to all of those things.  i mean, why wouldn't He, He always does, right?  Wrong.

i have become so conditioned that i just "know" He'll say "sure, you may use the restroom" or "yeah, go ahead and leave the room" or "eat whatever", that i don't even wait for His answer sometimes.  i just go about my business without even listening sometimes.  Whether Master likes to admit it, He mumbles! lol and admittedly i presume He will say "yes" those two combined are the perfect storm.  It's up to me!!!! to pay attention to His answer and WAIT for His response.  If Master mumbles i either have to ask for Him to repeat Himself or wait until it's a better time.  Now this He will admit; Master is not a patient Man, so if it's not a good time, i have to come back. =p

Either way, the moral of the story does not change in the least.  i have become presumptuous.  No matter what the particulars are, this is just how bad it is sometimes:  i will be sitting at my computer in the den with Master, and i want to leave the room.  i STAND UP and THEN i say "Master may i have permission to leave Your presence?" ..... ummmm?  How is that not super presumptuous?  Here's another good one:  With my hand on the bathroom doorknob:  "Master may i please use the bathroom?".  Also not an exaggeration!  Okay so the only thing i don't do is put my hand in the frig and then ask for something to eat.  In that case though, i really hardly ever expect that He'll say no.  i should though, and if He ever does say no, i'm crushed, shocked and sometimes even angry.  Huh.  Angry, really?  Wow.  It doesn't last long, maybe even for a minute or two but the fact that it comes up at all, huh.  i go through this whole litany in my head of "why would He tell me no? i need food! i'm really hungry! i'm lightheaded! i'm dizzy!  my head hurts!" LOL omgosh the list goes on!  Seriously you would think He shot me.  But then it passes and i realize He has a plan or more than likely He didn't think i needed food at that exact moment and He was probably right, i'm just being a drama-slave.

There are also some areas where i have begun to curtail my own thinking and gone the other way entirely.  An example;  because i must ask permission to do so many things i nearly feel like i should ask to do even more things and there should be even more restrictions on my activities.  Such as the other day, Master allowed me to use the restroom, when i was finished, i decided that as long as we were going to try to get an early start for the day, i would go ahead and hop in the shower.  Of course it's not just the use of the facilities that was on my mind it felt like a very bold activity to just presume that i was allowed to make myself unavailable to Him for more than just a moment.  i am using His water, His soap and shampoo, but it's even more than that.  i am coveting His property for a time, preparing it for His use none the less but manipulating it without permission, of that there is no doubt.

Another thing i was thinking about was going out of the house, should i be allowed to walk outside?  Even if i've already asked to leave His presence,  should i be allowed to completely leave the house where if He were to ring His bell for me, i would not hear it.  The answer i have thought of is probably no, i shouldn't be.

These are things i think about... i need work and lots of it. =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure         


  1. Drama slave - I love it, that was great.

    I am still at the point where I always expect a no, then I am happy when I get a yes.

    1. Master calls me a drama queen every once in a while, i didn't think it fit! haha!

      i wish i had no expectation of any answer at all from Master. i don't mean that i wish i was a robot of course i just wish i were able to ask a question and wait for the answer. i've just been conditioned over the years that i know when i ask for something, His typical answer over the hundreds and in sometimes thousands of cases, has been "yes". It's hard not to think i hear Him say "yes" when He may not have even answered me yet. =)

  2. You know, new rules and old rules are always fun, but you have to remind yourself, that all of these things go against what we're taught as kids. As a child you're not usually taught to ask before using the toilet, or before you eat. It's difficult to train our bodies and brains out of a habit that has developed over the span of your life. :)

    Be gentle with yourself. :) It takes time to remember to do the things that we're not used to.

    I can relate to "expecting" a yes. I often "expect" a yes, just because I don't tend to ask for things that are unreasonable, and when I get a "no", it's always a bit of a shock, for a minute anyway. But, like you, I remember my place and feel better.

    ::hugs to you, Treasure::

    1. Mew~

      Your comment couldn't be more appropriate. Even though i've said so many times the rules have become second nature to me and there are things i just do out of habit, it's not impossible to zone out and go back to how i always did things B.R.--before rules. =p

      Yesterday, we were at work and i walked into the big kitchen and just grabbed a cookie out of a ziplock bag. i never thought anything about it because i looked right at Master, finishing my cookie. In my mind at that time, had He not called me on the infraction, it would never have entered my mind that i had broken a rule. For some reason i just spaced out. Master of course asked me what i was doing and it only took a fraction of a second before i said "Oh my gosh i'm eating".

      When Master asked why i would do such a thing i had absolutely no explanation, except to say, i was sorry. i was in a lot of pain yesterday and i knew i needed a little something to eat and i had just had one of my spells. But really when i grabbed that cookie none of that was going through my mind, nothing was, i just did it without thinking and that's what bothers me, i never thought about Master or the rules. i was quite loopy but even after a spell or in pain, i still don't forget to ask for food, it's just something that has become ingrained in me.

      i was still hurting too badly when we got home to receive any type of punishment, but that will come soon, i'm sure! =) Master even bought me some ice cream as a treat. i was shocked! After i messed up with food, He awarded me with food! =)

      *hugs* Mew!!