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Monday, January 16, 2012

What's In A Word?

"Just had a very interesting conversation with my Master. It led to me wondering, to all of you slaves, how many of you recognize the power you have?"

That is a post directly from Fet Life.

Master asked me to read the thread and perhaps weigh in on the thread itself. i just read through the entire thread and i think it's up to more than 120 posts now. There is a reason i don't post much on Fet. i do have an opinion, but from what i could see people were being TORN APART for sharing their opinions. One similar to mine might make me the Anti... well anyway. i don't mind having my opinion challenged as i know that i'm not perfect. There just seems to be no limit to what people won't go to in order to make themselves heard and no self censorship, anything goes.

So i thought i would make my post here, where it's relatively safe!

Let me first say that it appeared to me was that as soon as any slave heard or read the word itself "power" because of who we are conditioned to be the stigma that follows that word, lead to complete and utter tunnel vision. The general consensus was that no matter what, these people had no power, period, end of story.

The word itself doesn't have to have nor does it carry with it negative connotations that so many of the posters immediately seemed to identify with. i am going to concede right here and now that i myself am in a Total Power Exchange Relationship with my Master! If you ask 100 different people what that means you will most likely get 100 varied answers. What "power" means to people is nearly inexplicable. Asking the question that the OP asked was a good one but also nearly impossible to answer, it's also one that in my opinion need not cause so much anger and anguish.

Every individual has a certain element of power no matter what stage they are in their lives, even a committed slave. Lets say for the sake of argument that i was completely stripped of every shred of human power when i entered into this relationship with Master. How then if given a task by Master, to call the electric company and see about an upcharge on our bill that just shouldn't be there. i am to negotiate with these people and get the charge reduced or even removed. If i have no power, if i am told exactly what to do and how to do it with instruction only from Master then i have no idea how to negotiate on my own. i would be lost in this situation, would i not? For the woman who works outside of the home, who has specific skills those of which her Husband or Master knows nothing about. How is that power stripped? It's not. Power doesn't have to be bad. He's given you the permission, this is something He wants from you.

For Master and i who spend nearly every waking moment together, we work together in and out of the home and inevitably there have been some areas where He tells me to take the lead. For instance when His mother was in the nursing home. That was for lack of a better phrase my area of expertise. i didn't hold it over anyone it was simply something i knew about. Just because you may have to take the lead in some ways doesn't mean that the Master doesn't own just as much of you as he always has. It doesn't diminish the power exchange in any way shape or form. What it might do is say how comfortable He is in His role to allow you to fly a bit because He knows you won't go far without Him. Master knows that even when i am "flying a bit" i'll always ask for His help. Just as when He's in complete and utter control He'll ask my opinion. He doesn't always take it but He likes to hear what i have to say, all the same.

This near panic at the thought of slaves having power was an eye opener for me, helping me see that i need to be more open minded myself. i know that i have zero power "over" Master. As a person though there is nothing to be ashamed of in being a good partner, wife and slave to Master, i have all the "power" He wants and needs me to have.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure


  1. Very true! No matter how much of a slave someone is, I believe they hold on to at least some of their personal "power"...and I don't think that has to be a bad thing!

    For example, people who know about our relationship dynamic are sometimes shocked to learn how much I "take control" of certain things. I run Master's social calendar, tell Him where He needs to be and when, and what He needs to take with Him--and that's very "unslavelike" of me, because "I'm bossing Him around"!

    The thing is, organizing like that is what I'm *good* at, and since Master's not, it's my job to take that "power" and use it for His benefit. I don't have power OVER Him, but I do have some power, and I use it to help Him! Why is that bad?

    Kudos on an excellent post, and an excellent point! ^_^


  2. Some things you just gotta have 'control' of.

    While some can very well function with no control, I need at least /some/ of it to keep me level headed. Of course, I am considered my Master's equal, and she never considers me below her, unless, of course in the physical sense.

    But if one's dynamic works where the s-type has zero control whatsoever, great! That's what works for them and I respect that.

  3. i'm happy to hear more opinions on the subject! Happier still to hear how others live the lifestyle in a completely different way, making it work on every level.

    This perhaps is one of my favorite things about this life, there are no rules to follow! Except of course the ones set by your owner! haha!

    It's really and truly the one area where you make things up as you go along and it really seems to work best for Master and i. He puts new rules into play as He sees fit and changes them as He needs to. Usually taking more and more control in one area or another.

    As long as people are truly happy, i can't judge, i was only frustrated with the tunnel vision, more frustrated with the cruelty i was seeing displayed. i can't stand it when i see someone just giving an honest opinion and being thrashed for it. This was just me doing my part in a very small way.