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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

To Be Or Not To Be

i have a Fetlife account but i am more of a browser than anything. i do post pictures and post on threads occasionally but more often than not, i just read the threads and answer emails that i get. There has been an ongoing thread on collars that i just can't get out of my mind. It really gnaws at me, so i'm going to post here about because i don't think my opinion would be widely accepted there!

The topic speaks about people wearing their collars 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There have been an innumerable amount of post from people chiming in how they too, never take off their collars. Never. Not even in public, not for the shower, not at family gatherings, not for the doctor unless there will be an x-ray, never, not once. Okay great. So you go to their profile pictures, out of 30 or so pictures, they are wearing a collar in 3 pictures. This is consistent throughout the thread. i don't care of you do or don't wear your collar a minute of the day or you have it tattooed to your cornea, but WHY LIE? Seriously, why? Then post pictures where clearly, people can tell they aren't wearing a collar 24/7.

i wear a collar as much as possible. i change from the leather to the shower collar and getting out again. If i'm not wearing the eternity collar, that is. If we're out in public and i happen to be wearing the leather collar and i am not wearing a turtle neck then i'll be without a collar. There are times when i'll be in the house, if Master's parents are here, without a collar. Those times are rare. i believe i even have a picture on FetLife without a collar, i asked Master to take a pic of me in my new apron, to share with my sister. It does happen, again, it's rare. To make those blanket statements, i never go without a collar, then show all those pics never wearing one... hmm. It bothers me, obviously! haha.

Last week when Master and i were in Chicago, we were in an unfamiliar store, looking for ice. We were ready to check out and i pointed to checker that *i* thought was open and available. Master said no and once again *i* motioned for Him to go to her isle. He said again, for a second time, NO. In a quiet voice but, never the less, He had to say it twice. What i didn't realize was that there was a lady who was also going to that isle, she was ahead of us and Master was allowing her to go there first. i was "taking charge" of a situation that Master had well in hand. When we came out of the store Master explain that it was an example of me not following Him instead of just "being". After sitting quietly for a while and thinking about it, i explained to Him that i am afraid that if i continuously just be, i will forget how to act independently of Him. It's such a fine line.

In the situation of the supermarket, i was clearly over the line, i should always follow His lead. Sometimes i think that He may or may not see something that He is clearly capable of seeing. In other cases i am afraid that if i get so used to just being and allow Him to do everything all the time for me, i will become way too dependent. i am still perfectly able to handle some business transactions, again there is a such a fine line when learning to completely follow Him at all times.

Sometimes He doesn't want me to think ahead and other times He needs me to think on my feet and be quick, it can be nearly impossible to say when which time is which. It all comes with learning how to be His perfect slave and wife.

We're getting so much done outside and working in the heat, it's totally exhausting. We were wiped out last night when we came inside. It's a good feeling though and we both need the exercise. It's just so stinking hot out there that we really need to be careful, Master will work in the heat till i holler or throw water at Him! lol! We don't have much or any, shade in the back yard so there's just bright sun out there! bleh! We are avoiding getting back out there now, so i better get at it!

Have a great day!

MD's treasure


  1. I too have been irritated by Fetlife discussions like that one. Specifically the significance of the collar arguments because someone else thinks theirs means more than mine or some crap like that.....
    Just kinda have to shake my head and walk away or rather, browse away.
    I don't feel like I am doing very well at being Masters pet/toy/love/sub these days but I do feel like I have earned the right to wear the collars He has given me because of my willingness to learn/love/live/serve even on my bad days.
    Right now, I don't have a 24/7 collar, we are working on that ;) And when I need to be around family or people that would question and look down on the wearing of a collar I am not expected to wear one. We don't need the stress of explanation and/or judgement, we really don't know how to handle that yet. Being in our early 30's everyone in our families feels the need to tell us how to live our lives still haha I couldn't imagine how they would approach a collar.

  2. i wear the eternity collar anywhere, because it doesn't look like a collar, really. We can get away with that in any setting. That's the only collar though that i wear in a vanilla, public setting.

    i would like to comment on what you said about earning the right to wear the collar your Master gives you. i pretty much love that statement, don't you? i mean if He gives you the collar then He's of the opinion you deserve to wear it and isn't that all that matters? Even on our worst days, we all have them, they know how much we want and need to serve them. i think that's the beauty of this lifestyle. It doesn't matter what anyone else says or what anyone else believes, it's all up to your Master and you, when you're ready for a 24/7 collar, it'll happen and it's not for anyone else to judge. Like i mentioned in my post, who cares when you wear it, it's just disgusting that people aren't upfront about it.

    i don't really think that age matters at all when it comes to family and coming out about the lifestyle. Master and i are a good ten years older than you and there's really no way i would feel comfortable telling His parents or my sister. i just don't think they would get it. Some people are just way more open minded and i don't think that my family would get it. i believe that my mom would have been more open than anyone else, but i never gave her the chance. She accepted everything else in my life, had i ever decided to tell her, there's a good chance she would have supported this as well. i'll never know now but i'm okay with that.

    As far as not feeling like you're doing very well, trust me, we've all been there. i just hope it just deepens your drive to work harder for Him. There's nothing better than hearing "good girl". You know i believe in you! **hugs**

  3. I agree, to an extent, about the discussions on Fetlife...but I don't think that necessarily means that ALL people are lying about wearing their collar all the time.

    For example, I have a permanent collar that (until recently, with my neck issues) I was literally wearing 24/7, the way you described...but it's only in a few of my pictures, because I got it in the summer of 2010, and most of my pics were taken in 2009, when I set up my Fetlife..

    Just sayin', there may be other reasons they don't have them in their pics ^_^

  4. Panda's property~
    You make a good point. There could be lots of different reasons why people are shown not wearing a collar. The point i was making of course was the consistency of the thread. Over and over, i would see people saying how they too, wore their collars, 24/7 and then their profile shots were showing them rarely, if ever, in a collar. i would have just preferred to hear something like; "i wear my Master's collar as often as possible". The theme was just really consistent. But you're totally right, there are lots of reasons, Master reminded me after i made my post, pictures are taken in many types of settings. Who knows what's going on and i shouldn't be so judgmental!!

    Thank you for the comment! =)

  5. I told someone not to be judgmental? Was that right after I hit my head on something?

    Hmmm...where in the hell did I put that kettle?