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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Formspring Question:

You say you both work in the church. Don't you find it awkward wearing the girdle, the stockings, the collar and the fetish shoes to the church?

We do work in a church. The fact is, i wear the same clothing no matter wear i am. The girdle i wear, nor do the stockings show through my garments. i also wear a slip so i am fairly careful. The shoes i wear depend on the situation, i wouldn't ever wear something that would be considered blasphemous to the church. my daily wear shoes aren't really anything i would consider fetish wear.

Regularly, i wear sandals, wedges, pumps, Mary Jane's you name it. They just happen to be out of the norm for the average woman in our area.

The one thing that might be a point interest would be the collar. If we were careless and i went into public in Master's leather collar then yes, i believe that it might be quite awkward. During the winter months, i wear a turtle neck shirt nearly every day just for this reason. This way i'm able to leave the house, donning the leather collar and no one is wiser. During the summer months, Master uses the eternity collar much of the time. It passes for a necklace quite easily and it's something i can hop in and out of the pool in, without having to hassle Him with! =)

As long as no one would see me with a collar on, no, i wouldn't feel the least bit odd wearing Master's collar inside the church i am Master's slave in every location, inside and outside of God's house. i love God whether i am in His house or not why should i feel awkward doing something in His house that He already knows i do, if i'm in His house or in my Master's house?


  1. I thought I'd add my thoughts on this since I'm part of "you both". :)

    For starters, why on Earth would anyone feel awkward wearing a girdle and stockings to (or in a) church? There was a time, not that long ago, when not wearing a girdle and stockings to church was enough to cause quite a stir. As for the shoe issue, what many folks might consider fetish shoes are nothing but ladies' shoes to me. I'd rather see 10 women in 9" platform leather thigh boots with skulls on them in church than a single pair of "flip-flops". We used to call those shower shoes and we wore them to the shower at campgrounds and other public places so we didn't get athlete's foot. If I found offense in anything that might be worn to church, it would be those, along with a general lack of effort to make yourself presentable to go not only to church, but out in public period. There are a lot of guys who find women's toes a sexual turn on. Wouldn't wearing thongs to church then actually be considered quite risque, bordering on fetish attire? Fetish is in the eye of the beholder I guess.

    As for the collar, well, my God isn't as judgmental and hateful as the God of many people I've run into throughout my journeys. It's our way of life and I've never for a fraction of a second been ashamed or embarrassed to live the way I do. Keeping my girl in a collar is definitely a sexual turn on for me, and sex is a big part of life. We don't have sex in the church, but I wouldn't be afraid to do it. It's a natural part of life, not something to be all embarrassed and ashamed of. A church is nothing but a building. What you make of that building is what matters, and it's not there to give those who walk through its doors carte blanche to pass judgment on people who live differently than they do. If anything, I would be proud to look to the sky while holding the leash that tethers my slave to me.

    That was a very good and thought provoking question. I do believe very passionately in the way we live, so if I seemed angry or offended, I wasn't. I just tend to get a little too excited sometimes when I write. :)

  2. The responses from both of you made me wanna stand and say wooohooo !!
    Well said!

  3. Thanks Renee! =) It's my hope that the person who asked the question wasn't put off in any way. Neither Master nor i were angry when we responded, this is just an area in which we are both very passionate and it was a great opportunity to express that! =)

    Master said as much at the end of His post so i'm hoping all is well. =)

    Take care!