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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Santa Came To Town!

i have held off on this post because i wanted to include a few pictures! As always Santa was very good to me!! "Santa" goes wayyy overboard every year but it's always a blast for us. The very first thing i reached for was a brand new every-day collar! It's something that Master had been searching for for a long time. my original collar from the collaring ceremony has been out of commission for a long time and i've worn either the eternity collar or another leather collar that neither Master nor i thought was perfect. This one is awesome!
Just about every other item i grabbed was a pair of stockings! He made sure i was fully stocked up!! HaHa!! i got tons of stockings! Get it? Stocked up? Ahem...
Master, i mean Santa went nutso this year with the shoes! Actually we collected them throughout the year and got incredible deals on them all. The most we paid was $12.89 for a single pair, the deals were amazing!
The dresses we also collected throughout the year on clearance racks and they are good quality dresses that just happened to be end of the year closeout sales.

There was no shortage of gags this year either! i believe i got 4, maybe 5? Master took advantage of one of His favorite on line haunts closing, it seemed to me like He bought them out! i got a new pink leather blindfold, pink leather elbow/ankle cuffs, they are pretty cool.

i also got some pink steel handcuffs! But i'm pretty sure those came from somewhere else! =)

This year we kept forgetting to buy Christmas cards for each other and it was kinda funny. i was looking at cards at the store and finally i found a card that was perfect for Master but when i turned it over it was $5.00! i said to myself, i don't want to waste my Christmas money on a $5 card, so i put it back. When Master and i met up in the car just a little while later, He asked me if i had a card for Him and i told Him my story. He chuckled and said... "I was just looking at cards, found a card that was perfect but when I turned it over it was $5.00! I said to Myself, I don't want to waste My Christmas money on a $5 card, so I put it back!"

We decided that this year we would make cards for each other. There is a good picture of the card i made for Him, i drew a cardinal for the St. Louis Cardinals and a very curvy bat! i also traced my hand for Him, exactly as it looked as i was making His card for Him. Leather cuff, gold locks and all. But unfortunately we didn't get a great picture of the one He made for me though. =( i think this was one of the best Christmas project we've ever done. It took us both hours and hours to make our cards and the thought that went into them means more than anything you can buy. Even though we didn't get a good photo of the card Master made for me, i wanted to include the poem He wrote for me. i think it's amazing!

My slave, My girl, My baby, My wife
My toy, My lady, My partner, My life
My property, My canvas, My personal whore
The year’s best dawning has come once more
Let us reflect, on this greatest of days
Why do I love thee, let Me count the ways
I love you for wanting to wear My rings
I love you for the laughter when one of us sings
I love you for spending your life in My collar
I love you when you give Kerpy a dollar
Sometimes you gotta keep an eye on that bear
Or he’ll hijack your poem like he did right up there
I love your femininity, your girdles and heels
I love your obedience, no matter how it feels
I love that your holes are Mine for the taking
I love that your thoughts are Mine for the making
I love you in stockings every day of the year
I love that your photos make other folks cheer
I love your hot mouth that fills me with lust
I love how you long for a much bigger bust
I love that you live in My chains and My leather
I love you in dresses, no matter the weather
I love you for wanting to be My arm candy
Despite that I’m not always dressed like a dandy
I love you for our awesome kids that you made
Their value to us could not e’er be conveyed
I love the thought of your future tightlaced
Or a locking steel belt always keeping you chaste
I love that you want to take the pain, if it makes Me hot
I love to spit or piss in your mouth, like it or not
I love that you usually remember your place
And know if you don’t that I might slap your face
In blindfolds, hoods, handcuffs, gags, chains and the box
In cages, leather, steel, leashes, all kinds of locks
With many more piercings and future tattoos
Brandings or cuttings or whatever I choose
With spankings and bondage and punishments too
I’ll own you and beat you and love you so true
I love that your goal is to serve Me forever
Fear not, My slave, your release will be never
As this simple rhyme approaches its end
I mostly love you for being My best friend
Merry Christmas to you, slavegirl that I own
Crawl to Me now and kneel at My throne

Sorry this post is so late but we do hope that you all had a lovely holiday season!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure


  1. That was the most touching writing from a Master to his slave that I have ever had the pleasure to read. Thank you for sharing that :)

  2. Thank you for sharing! It looks like you're well stocked up for the year. I hope you enjoy every bit of it! :D