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Thursday, August 30, 2012

On The Spot

Last Saturday Master and i were walking out of His Mom's room at the nursing home and a nurse called way down the hall, "can I ask a personal question?".  She was so far away that i wasn't positive she was talking to me.  Someone else even answered her because she was closer to them than she was to me, but i was pretty sure she was talking to me, so when we got a bit closer i said, that she could ask me whatever she liked.  She drew some attention to herself, and to me because she was so boisterous, however. 

Once Master and i approached the nurses station where she and a couple of other nurses were, she hit me with what i was pretty sure was coming: "Why are you always dressed up?"  i wasn't at all shocked by her question and all of them looked particularly intrigued as they waited for me to answer.  The first thing i said was, i have no pants and i really couldn't tell you the last time i wore pants.  There's just nothing that can't be done in a skirt or dress and i went on to explain some of the particulars of comfort and coolness in the summertime and how a skirt can keep you deceptively warm in the winter.

The topic shifted naturally to shoes and then the cost of clothing.  i was quick to tell them that we rarely (if ever) pay more than $20 for a pair of shoes or any article of clothing.  If i find a dress i like, i wait until i goes on sale, or i don't get it.  No name brand is worth the money.  When i walk, i can't see the red on the bottom of that shoe anyway! =p During our conversation, of course i would refer to Master for things like where we buy things or how much we pay for items.  i was clear that Master buys all of my clothes and at one point of them said "He'd have to know all your sizes" i said "There's nothing He doesn't know about me".

We had a great conversation with those nurses but the interesting part about it for me was, i was able to offer solutions to every concern the original gal asked.  She continued to say she was a "tom boy" but my suggestion was to start with long flowing skirts, nothing too revealing and go from there.  i don't expect to see her in a skirt the next time we see her, but it would be great to hear that she wore a skirt or dress to a family function.  More than anything, i love that she asked.

On Tuesday Master and i were walking into Bed Bath and Beyond and before we even got into the store (the glass doors were still opening and closing) a greeter (i assume) was so excited, it was almost comical.  She called out to me, I LOVE YOUR DRESS!  Really, anyone at the front of the store could have heard her.  Then, because i wear my sunglasses pushed to the top of my head when we're inside, she said, "Oh my gosh, your earrings! they are awesome too!!!" She even called another clerk over to look at them, at this point, i'm a spectacle.

There were two ways to play it though, get embarrassed and sink inside myself, which would have been really easy or give Master some credit and show people in a small way how we live. i chose the latter.  She asked me what most people ask when they like something, where did i get my dress.... i don't usually know because a) i have forgotten or b) Master has made the purchase.  This time, i had forgotten so i just looked at Master for the answer.  So we chatted about my dress for a bit.  Then we moved on to my earrings and of course "where did you get them?"... again... looking at Master because they were a Christmas present that much i remember.  Master wasn't sure but He took a stab in the dark.

Then both clerks said something to the tune of Master having great taste and i said, that i was pretty sure He purchased every single item i was wearing at the moment. 

i am so happy that people see me as approachable.  i've always welcomed questions and comments and it's not as hard to ask via the internetz.  But in person it's a much bigger leap of faith, i have to give them thumbs up for stopping me, i hope i get more of them. 

i hope all is well in blog land!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure


  1. Your friendly smile will get you anywhere . . . I got along great with the nurses at the long term hospital where my mom was treated for much of 2009 and again in 2011, but the administrators and one particular doctor would always hide when they saw me walking down the hall.

  2. So far i've been on my best behavior. i have tried very hard to keep my complaints to a minimum, i only speak up when it's really needed. =)

  3. I got some similar questions this weekend while staying at a friends house. Though everyone agreed that my skirts were all so pretty!