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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Each Other

Sometimes the best cure for a bad mood is.... 

Master had a pretty upsetting time with His dad at the nursing home last night.  Lately it's just been pretty rough with Master's Mom being in the nursing and the uncertainty of the future is nerve wracking, for everyone.  It's really hard on those of us who have spent the most time with her, in the past several years we saw them or spoke to them several times a week.  Everyone's world has been tipped on it's ear.  Most especially hers.  She's the one who seems to be taking everything in stride though, she's a trooper!

So when we left the nursing home, Master was really quiet.  i heated up some home made pizza (that Master made) and i added some veggie pizza to it that i threw together with whatever i found in the frig!  We just sat in front of the TV and slowly, the day started to peel off of Master, like an onion.  Master was surrounded by His favorite things and He had everything He needed.

i didn't try to get Him out of His bad mood i just knew that if i did all the right things hopefully the day would melt away.  The night went on perfectly, we watched some of our favorite shows, and i could even see Him relaxing.  Honestly, by me "doing" all the right things meant i wasn't really doing anything.

Like most nights it was very late and i was still dressed but last night the room was very hot and i wasn't sure if we were finished with TV.  i'm not allowed to get ready for bed unless we're done with TV.  i asked if i would be allowed to get undressed though, i was quite uncomfortably hot and Master patted the bed near Him.  That of course meant "no", come here instead and stay dressed.  i did as Master said and ignored the fact that i was sick to my stomach from the heat, i knew it would pass and it wasn't that hot in there, i just had a lot of clothes on at the time.  Master loves the feel of a silky slip, stockings and a garter strap.  He even asked me if i had been so industrious to have already fixed my garter strap from the previous day.  Unfortunately no, i hadn't.  i was wearing an old foundation garment that had all the garter straps intact... sort of haha, they've all been mended!

As warm as i was Master was intent on getting me warmer or... hotter.  He was spreading my legs and fingering me lightly.  For the briefest moment it's almost something i'm not sure i love or hate, to be so lightly touched it hurts or feels wonderful.  It only lasts a second until the question is gone and Master is able to touch me just perfectly.  Soon, Master told me to take off everything but my bra and i was so thrilled to be cooler.  It wasn't long once i was back on the bed near Him, under His soft touch again that He had me asking permission to cum.

Master had me climb on top of Him and tuck my feet far underneath His legs.  We stayed like that for a long time, just rocking.  i rode Him like that as long as i could until it started to become uncomfortable.  We finished off the night with Master on top of me, it was a great way to end the night.

i think sometimes the only thing you need to get out of a bad mood, is each other. 

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure


  1. I agree sometimes that is all it takes, it took me a while to figure that out but its good once you get it.

    1. It's taken me a long time too and sometimes there's no fix but time. It's great when it all comes together the way it's supposed to though. =)

      Great to hear from you!

  2. Sometimes, the only thing you need to get out of a bad mood, is to stay the fuck away from your family members...every single one of them...and not get in a bad mood in the first place. I'm truly jealous of all the people on facebook who post crap daily about how great family is, my sisters are the best sisters EVAR, family is forever, you can always count on your family, my siblings are my heroes, thank God for family, blah blah blah blah blah barf blah. Where are all the pictures that say my siblings suck so bad that I want to eat a bullet? I need one that says "When my Dad's telling me about the weather forecast and the price of gas for the 17th time today, he'll be speaking so loudly that people four rooms away will think the four horsemen of the apocalypse just rode down the hall."

    Tonight, there will be booze.

  3. hiya little buddy . . .

    sorry to hear your Mom's not doing well . . . growing old ain't for beans other than (mostly) beating the alternative . . .

    prayers are going out from the Samadhi house . . .

    1. Thank you for the kind words. =) Hope all is well with you and yours!