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We've never, ever wanted to be mistaken for any of the countless people who claim to be a Master or slave when in reality, they just pretend for money. There's potentially a fine line in other folks' perception, and I've gone to considerable effort to never cross that line. My treasure writes here because she enjoys it, she loves to get and reply to comments and she also does it because I require it. In the beginning, it was a blog, nothing more, nothing less. In the last few years, it has become not only a blog, but also a hub for all of our online activity. Some of that activity is done simply for fun, some of it is to feed some sort of narcissistic need for kudos that I still deny having, and some of it is done to try to supplement our income by sharing our real life with others who might be willing to toss a few bucks our way for a small window into our normal activities. Normal for us but mere fantasies to them, things that they can't get at home or simply things that get their blood flowing south. Like most people, we started out never showing our faces, never being specific about where we live, blah blah blah. One day, I decided that I was tired of acting like I was ashamed of Myself or My girl, just so someone I knew wouldn't find a photo that would make them all butt hurt because of their own insecurities and closed-mindedness. In a very short time, we had started making videos and posting non-anonymous pictures all over the place. Eventually, My girl started doing live cam sessions for cash and it's become a multifaceted "business". That's why we're making this page. I didn't want it on the front page of the blog because this is still her blog, and always will be, but we wanted to add a page for some of the money-making things that we do.

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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Happy Anniversary Master!!!

Master and i celebrated our 8 year Wedding Anniversary this past Tuesday, November 1st. It's almost impossible to believe that we've been married that long and on the other hand i can scarcely remember a time when i wasn't His. The mind is funny that way i suppose.

i remember events of my life before Him of course but day to day living is a blur, how did i act and how did i function without His rules and constant control? i know i did fine and i know i was able to maintain a perfectly normal life, but it seems so far away, so very distant. Something i never want to feel again.

This Anniversary was on a day when Master had a doctor appointment out of town, so we needed to clear the entire day anyway. We ended up having a really nice day of just browsing and shopping for early Christmas presents and not feeling rushed like we have been just about every other time we've been out lately. It felt amazing to actually walk through a store and not feel like we had to hurry for the first time in a long time!

As my birthday falls within the same week as our Anniversary we usually do one or the other dinner very low key. Master asked me what i wanted to do and i said i really didn't care, for all i cared we could go to McDonalds. After lots of "I'm not taking you to McDonalds for our Anniversary!!!..." We went to McDonalds! hahaha. It was just the easiest thing to do and by that time we really were in a hurry because we had sauntered around the whole day, we had two more stores to get to before 9pm. As it turned out, it wasn't the best choice but not because of the food.

(This story is horrifying, skip to the end if you're easily upset)

Master and i were getting into our car and we heard two very distinct booms or what i thought were explosions. i knew they were very close and i turned to look to my right. Immediately i saw an enormous fire ball. i unbuckled my seat belt and said to Master to get out of the car, i had no idea how close it really was. Turned out it was much further than i thought. As i crested the small hill the sight i saw was the most horrible sight i have ever seen in person. There was a semi trailer skidding down the Interstate in a ball of sparks and fire on it's side. i thought it stopped in the center median, i was wrong it landed in it's own lane. my very first thought was, there is no way that man just lived through that explosion. i turned to Master and said those exact words. Master just stood silently as He tried to call 911, no one answered. We figured so many people were trying to get through that they were inundated with calls, or at least that was our hope as to why they weren't answering.

i stood there just hoping and praying that we might see paramedics pull away from the wreckage but i never saw that happen. We later read that it took fire fighters over 90 minutes to find him. The papers said that the driver hit the cement median, that's really all the more information that has been offered.

Why did i share this here? We hear all the time that life is short, don't take anything or anyone for granted. i don't live by those scare tactics. This post is meant to scare no one all i would like to say is live for the moment and be nice to each other. i can't tell you how many times a day i smile at people when i'm out and about and get a grumpy look back or how many times Master might need to get over into another lane and no one will let Him get over. Really? It's true that a nice smile can make someone's day or letting someone in a long line of traffic might help them get to that job interview on time.

Peace and blessings to you and yours,

MD's treasure

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