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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Dentists and Dresses

Master and i had an unexpected trip on Friday. He has had a very sore tooth and we were able to get an appointment at the college of dentistry but we had to be there in an hour and 1/2. We live an hour away. Yikes! So i flew around the house and we got there about 15 minutes late. i called of course and they were very understanding. It didn't really matter, everyone that goes to that clinic waits to see the doctors and students and it's really worth it, they do amazing work. We think? Master's tooth had a very large cavity that had fallen off and gradually gotten worse. The worse part, it was a front tooth, not one you can just pull. When the student was done, i can honestly say i've never seen a better filling. It looked like a fake tooth, it was perfect.

Master was actually able to eat less than an hour after we left the dentist because the student was so good with the novacaine also. The even better part, the pain was gone. We spent the rest of the day messing around and decided we'd clean on Saturday because we were exhausted. We also decided we would skip my birthday dinner for Saturday and just do it another day, all we've done is run around and we'll do it soon, but not this weekend. i am SO glad we didn't plan a day out for yesterday! Yesterday morning Master was sitting at His computer and He said "I've got bad news, My tooth hurts". From the look on His face it was easy to see that it wasn't just an ache either.

Suffice it to say that i have never seen Master in the kind of pain that He was in yesterday. The only thing that worked to relieve the pain was very cold water or ice on the tooth. The very second that water warmed up, the pain was back and He was in excruciating pain. With Master i don't use the term excruciating lightly. i have never ever seen Him in this kind of pain, ever. i had pain medicine from a tooth extraction that i had a few years ago, He took some of that, it didn't touch it. By late last night He had taken pain meds that i can't even take and i'm used to taking medicine and nothing was even dulling the pain.

i think He finally fell asleep at 5am or a little later and He's still sleeping, thankfully. i have never in my life felt so helpless. We had to work yesterday and it took twice as long as it normally did because of pain fighting efforts. There was so little i was able to do to help, it was just miserable for Him. The only conclusion that we came to was that when they did a test on His tooth to check if it was dead or not, the student went very quickly on that tooth. Master thinks that He might have answered the question wrong because He wasn't given enough time to make up His mind. The tooth is most likely dying or dead now. He may need a root canal which would be a real shame to mess up that beautiful new tooth but if that's what needs to happen then that's what we'll do.

On a side note, the college of dentistry is amazing. The students are terrific and spend loads of time with you. The work they do is top notch and it's obvious because the patients are all very happy when they leave and they are full up! Another huge perk is the price that they charged was a tiny fraction of what our dentist would have charged. If you have one near you, it might be an option if you don't have insurance.

So after Master and i were done with the dentist we went to this consignment shop, it's huge and sorta fun. We've been on the look out lately for dresses. In the past couple months i have gotten a few dresses from the clearance racks from summer. Just like anything else, you have to know when to buy and where to look. The dresses i've gotten are very nice quality some are $40 dresses that i've picked up for $9 or so. Others are $100 that we've paid $20. The summer clearance racks are pretty well picked through or gone now so we decided to broaden our search.

The consignment shop was a bust when it came to dresses. So is Goodwill really. You just don't see that many dresses, anywhere to be honest. Skirts are fairly plentiful but dresses are either party dresses or they don't exist. You just don't see daily wear dresses out there anymore. The most ironic store out there is Dress Barn. Have you ever seen a dress in Dress Barn? i don't recall seeing dresses in Dress Barn. Party Dresses maybe but not like an every day dress. They are just not out there anymore. i can check e-bay but people know how hard nice dresses are to come by, so they charge for them. If you know of a good source for quality dresses, i would love to check it out.

i hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure


  1. I hope your Master gets to feeling better soon. Unfortunately, I went through the exact same thing a few years ago. :( My dentist tried "coring" the tooth, but I soon found out, after the novacaine wore off, that in reality he'd just made matters worse. The pain was blinding..I mean I was screaming and crying and wanted to die it was so bad. There were no pain meds that would touch it, even a little. I went back to my dentist and he got me into an emergency clinic to have a root canal done asap. The kind (and much more efficient) oral surgeon that did it told me that my dentist had scraped and managed to damage an already torn up nerve root. Yikes. It's no fun to have to go through, and your Master may need a root canal...but after it's done his pain will be gone.
    Not much to say on the dress front...Master usually takes me to places such as the Salvation Army or Walmart.


  2. When He got up today His pain was a lot better but i'm still thinking He should go have it checked out. i think you're right in that He needs a root canal. He's had a few of them and once they are done the pain is totally gone, like you said.

    We have actually looked at WalMart a few times for dresses. i have gotten a couple of short summery types of dresses, i'm not all that comfortable wearing them out of the house though. They are really too short to wear out. So many of the dresses are sleeveless too and i'm not comfortable in a sleeveless dress. One place we haven't tried yet is The Salvation Army, Master just mentioned that the other day. Now with your suggestion of it as well, i think we should certainly put that on a to do list!

    Thanks so much for the words of encouragement and the suggestions!

    Take care! =)