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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Home On A Saturday!

Master and i are spending a Saturday at home, it's beautiful outside and there are about a billion and a half things i would love to do. Master wants to work in the basement which really needs to be done and i.. well i don't want to work in the basement but we will. haha.

We still have lots to do outside and i would love to get that done before it's really cold outside and we're running around trying to beat the first snowfall. Last year i did it all too soon and i wanted the chairs out when it was still warm in November!

Master has really been working hard to get His parents house ready for His Mom to come home, and it's really more mentally stressing than anything. Some of it, that is. Like i mentioned the other day it's sort of hard to deal with His dad but that's not the half of it. So i'll just say that Master's dad antagonizes just about everyone around him, no matter how much you try to reason with him, he doesn't listen or hear and he flatly refuses to wear his hearing aids. Even his brand new ones that he swears are comfortable.

i have several years of experience working with the elderly in long term care. i know how to deal with most situations and there are times i can get through to him, if it's just he and i but it rarely if ever has a lasting effect. So even for me, he's a tough cookie to crack.

For his immediate family, it's just plain frustrating and i feel horrible for Master to work so hard and come up against nothing but resistance over and over again. Some of the stuff he does i think is freaking hilarious, Master, not so much. He has no attention span and Master thinks it's not so amusing.

Like Master will be sweating trying to screw a heavy board into place and he will ask him to hold the other end of the board. There will be some commotion at the end of the street and all of a sudden the end of the board will go limp. Master looks up and His dad is down the yard looking to see what's going on!!! See, i think that's a riot! Master... yeah not so much. The other day Master and His dad were sweeping the garage and Master was operating the dust pan, His dad had the bag and was holding it open. They were discussing how far 70 feet was. Master turned away to scoop up His mess and went to dump the pan into the bag and the bag lye limp on the floor in a heap. Master's dad? Oh he was walking off 70 feet into the drive way!!! Master swears His dad has the attention span of a grub. hahahaha

We had him over for supper last night and he just loved it. He stayed and played a game and although he usually hates games, i think he had a good time. He said several times how good supper was and when he called when he got home, he said it again. i'm glad he has Master to do all the things He does for them, i'm not sure what they would do without Him.

So like i said it's fairly mentally challenging and because of that Master keeps falling asleep when it comes time to watch TV at night. Master usually puts my "pretty jewelry" (as He calls it) the leather cuffs and leather belled ankle cuff every night after supper. Last night He attached the leash to my collar and because i have to ask to get undone from anything or use the keys, i was stuck or i had to wake Him up to get ready for bed or use the bathroom. i finished the show and watched part of another one when i figured He was done for the night and woke Him to ask if i could use the keys and let myself out of the leash. i got a grumble that sort of resembled yes. i'm only allowed to use the key to remove the ankle lock, to take my stocking off though, everything goes back on for sleeping, except the leash.

i better cut this off, if i'm ever going to get anything at all done today!

Have a great weekend!

MD's treasure

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