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Saturday, October 01, 2011

His lil helper!

We've had some pretty long days this week so, knowing that today was going to be one of our longest yet, i was going to make it a little easier on myself for this evening. So last night i made tonight's dinner and had it totally ready to put in the oven. i knew that when i got home tonight all i would have to do is put it in the oven and we'd be all set. Then i would be able to sit down for at least an hour and make my blog post that i've been really lacking all week!

So i'm getting everything all set up in the bedroom to sit down at the lap top and the dog runs in, so yeah. An unexpected 30 minutes later and a partial fanny haircut and living room carpet cleanup. Y U C K. It's really my fault, he's needed a haircut for a month, omgosh why is it on that one night when you think you've planned everything so perfectly though? haha!!!

Next week Master's brother is coming to visit with his wife and one of their 8 (yes 8) kids. They are staying at Master's Mom and Dad's house and seeing that it's just Master's Dad there on his own, i'm getting the house ready for guests and getting it decorated for Halloween/Fall like Master's Mom would want it. They are coming home because she's still in the nursing home and although she's shown tons of improvement she's still not doing great, so they're coming to see her. It's going to be a very busy time while they are here as there are lots of birthdays to celebrate! Master's being one of them!!! =)

i will be so glad when things settle down for us, this whole summer has been a whirlwind of running around. i know being sedentary isn't good for us either but this has just been crazy. We still have projects of our own from the very beginning of the summer that we never even got to think about starting. We were really focusing on His parents and i'm not saying that the priorities weren't in the right place, they were we did the right thing by taking care of Master's parents first.

Today Master was drilling through cement and it's really hard work, without the right drill. Well okay it's hard to do with the right drill it's almost impossible without the right drill. After He got to like the very last hole He needed i asked Him if i could maybe try. He must have really been exhausted because He let me try. Normally He would have said "no way" especially because i might have broken the bit, but He let me try anyway. So i did and i was actually helpful. Probably because by the time i tried, i wasn't as exhausted as He was getting to be and i helped finish off the last part. It doesn't sound like much but when i help Him on a project and i know i've really done something worthwhile, like helped cut lumber or carry my fair share or like today bare a little bit of the load, i really feel like a help to Him. He sighed a sigh of relief when that last hole was done and i knew He was happy and i was glad to have helped Him. That's just as nice as hearing "good girl".

It was a pretty good day and pretty soon our supper will be ready, so i better scoot off here! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

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