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Thursday, August 18, 2011

So You Wanna Wear Heels? Part 2

This post is about endurance, safety and tid bits that make wearing heels easier!

By now your balance should be better and you might want to think about increasing the height of the shoe you're wearing. This is where endurance comes in, it's also where patience is a virtue. Basically if you think about the process, you're stretching your calf muscle beyond the point of where it is normally stretched. To listen to some people they think it's unhealthy. To listen to others they think done in the proper manner, it's perfectly fine.

By unhealthy i mean, going out and buying a pair of ballet shoes and wearing them for 3 hours right off the bat. This pretty much physically impossible unless you're "Rubber Girl" and if you're not you'll just tear your shins and calf muscles to shreds.

i am going to give you my version of a healthy way to gain endurance, strengthen your ankles and help with balance, without hurting yourself. There really should never be real pain, discomfort, yes. But you should never feel actual pain if you're having pain, you're going too fast.

Let's assume you've been wearing wedges for a while, should feel pretty comfortable walking in them. Depending on how long you've worn them it should have helped in strengthening your calf muscles as well as your ankles and thighs. So lets look at choosing a shoe with a straight heel, no wedge, no platform. In other words a pump. i would really recommend not going with a sandal right off for one main reason. A pump will offer more material for balance around your foot where in a sandal the straps offer little to no support. At this point i might look for a 3 inch or 3 1/2 inch pump but really no higher. Going from a wedge to a straight heel is an entirely different feel if you're unfamiliar with the balance and if you want to look sexy in your walk. Oh sure, anyone can fling on a pair 5 inch heels and do the slutty slither but we want to look amazingly sexy. If you find yourself wobbling at all from one side to the next your heels are too high!

Working on ankle strength and endurance;

Ankle weights can always be used but it's not something i ever did. i know i would have benefited from it though and it's still something i should consider. It's never too late to work on strengthening your ankles if you're serious about wearing heels. For endurance, Master made many rules for me that helped but one helped more than anything. Every time i was sitting at my computer (because that's where i used to spend most of my down time) i had to wear no less than a 4 inch heel. This rule helped stretch my calves, stretch my arches and more often than not when getting up from my chair for any little errand, i wouldn't change out of my 4 inch heel, i would just wear that same shoe. It helped me get more and more used to wearing those heels regularly. Slowly, i gained more confidence and more strength but it's an on going process and it's something that never ends.

If i were to get on my hands and knees and look under my desk right now, i bet i would still find random heels that i still wear when i'm sitting at my desk. You can never stop training and stretching your feet. But you should call b.s. on me! i don't do it every single time i am at my desk! i fail a lot i forget, i kick off my shoes before i get up and walk out of the room to do an errand barefoot, yep, i do it too. i'm not supposed to and it makes Master VERY unhappy and i HATE that i do it, but i do it. But, i try and i'll never stop trying because i love heels and i love the way they look and i LOVE the way Master looks at me when i'm wearing shoes He loves!!!!

Okay you're walking in pumps and you feel fairly confident, depending on the pile of the carpet (yes i said carpet), i would really prefer to try out a new pair of shoes on carpet, especially a pump. You'll get just a tiny bit of grab and the carpet will also offer a little more support than a wood or tile floor will. It's a perfect place to work on your balance. One foot firmly planted as you practice balancing on one foot and not wiggling from side to side. It's much harder than it sounds. Another great way to strengthen your ankles.

i'll assume you're wearing hosiery in your shoes for comfort, take care that any time you're wearing a new pair of shoes, the hosiery will make the shoe a bit more slick than if you're barefoot. i mentioned that panties will help you keep your pantyhose from drooping. Another alternative of course is a panty girdle or foundation garment over your pantyhose!

More to come in the third and final "heels" post. Thank you for reading!


  1. Heya Treasure! I'm so glad you're doing these little "How to wear heels" pieces. :)

    When I was younger, I wore chunky heels every day to school. When I got old enough to go to high school, I had to walk almost a mile a day, and walking that far in heels killed me the very first day! :( Since then, I've been mostly in platforms or no heels. I can wear most heels, but struggle a lot with stilettos and am practising with those around the house a lot.

    I really like you and your Master's idea of wearing them whenever you're sitting at a computer! I may have to give that a try.


  2. I'm not sure if I could be an everyday heel wearer, but I gotta say your black heels in the photo are quite sexy!

  3. Thank you Lea! Like i've written, it's a commitment to wear them every day. It's less so though if you want to wear them on a not so regular basis. The key though is to be sure that you're properly prepared and well fitted no matter how often you wish to wear them. =)

    i love this pair too and i have to agree, anything black patent is terrific. =)