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Monday, July 18, 2011

The easy way out

Here's an interesting anecdote that i've just read:

The wife asks her husband to go to the store and pick up brand "A" of a product and he comes home with a different, generic brand. The husband has a clear history of being very frugal and the wife clearly asked for a specific brand. The wife sees this product in the grocery sack, asks no questions, takes the product out of the bag and throws it at the husband, it breaks open and is ruined. She doesn't ask if her brand was unavailable, she doesn't ask any questions at all, this is her first and only reaction.

Here is what makes this even worse to me. The comments she gets back from readers are all in support of her. "Oh gee I can really feel for you, it must have been the hormones." or "aww that's the worst" ( or something similar to that.. ??? huh???) i am not going through menopause yet so i can not speak to the effects that hormones have on your body, i know they ravage you, i do. But when do the excuses end and where do we except responsibility for our actions?

i've said lots of times that i'm not judgmental, so here is what i'll say to that. Everyone has a bad day. i am not judging the woman for getting upset. The trouble i have here is that we allow people an escape route for nearly everything. Lets say a friend of ours messes up don't we have a responsibility to them as true friend to call them on it? We're not judge and jury to all we meet but if they come to us and ask us what we think i believe we should tell them the truth, the same with blogging. People put their dirty laundry out here for comments, they want direction and comments, it shouldn't all be rose petals and cake. There should be some truth offered.

IE: "Hey DUI's aren't that bad, don't worry about it!" or "Leaving the burner on the stove isn't too bad, at least the house didn't burn down."

A bit extreme i know but what good are we doing each other by continuously looking the other way? i guess what i'm saying is being the best friend isn't always the one with the best news. It's the friend who cares the most to say what needs to be said.

MD's treasure


  1. I think you raise a good point. If we took individual stock into how we personally contribute (or not) to a situation, things would probably be solved a whole lot faster!

  2. :) I agree on most everything. I don't want to judge everyone... okay maybe a little :P But I think we all give each other and ourselves easy outs. I know I try to use excuses myself and when I catch it, I hate myself for it. There may be reasons why we do things but we should never use them as excuses for lack of manners or courtesy with others.

  3. The good news, My girl, is that if it's the "hormones" that made you act like a psychotic bitch (coughbullshitcough), they'll be right there with you gagged, hooded and cuffed while you sit in the box for hours after you yelled and wasted something that I bought for you. When you get out of the box, those hormones will be there getting their ass whipped right along with you and those hormones will be right there with you as you spend the rest of the night in bed, hooded and bound, reflecting on your actions.

  4. Well yes, there is that. And I would think to prove quite effective in curtailing that behavior.

  5. I agree with you completely. I was actually shocked when I read the beginning of the post and it mentioned her not saying anything and just throwing the item at her husband.

    "Hormones" to me, is just an excuse. You're right - maybe she just had a bad day, but to me, there's never a good excuse for (non-consensual) violence.