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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ball Of Goo

A few days ago Master and i were in a bit of a hurry to leave the house and He said we'd take a fast shower so He got in the shower and called me in just a few minutes before He was ready to get out. He had me kneel behind Him and said "kiss". So i did, He said "did I say stop?" So i kept kissing and licking His back side until He turned around and i started sucking Him until He tugged my head back by my hair.

i can kneel almost anywhere and i have no trouble except the shower floor because there's no room at all and obviously the floor is super hard. So when He pulls me back, i am stretching the front of my legs even more and i just wanted to scream, but of course i didn't. i just leaned back on my knees and opened my mouth and closed my eyes for what i was pretty sure was coming. Then i felt the hot stream and not from the water, He had moved the shower head away from us. He was peeing on me, in my mouth, all over my face and hair but mostly in my mouth. i'm not sure but i believe this is the first time He's done that. i've cleaned Him off many times after He's gone to the bathroom but never had Him actually urinate in my mouth. At first i sort of gagged but that was it. i know for a lot of slaves this is a daily routine, for me it's something new and somewhere we've not really explored.

The one feeling i have about this of course is that this action alone allows me to prove my subservience to Him. It's one of the most humbling and in my opinion degrading things that a slave can do yet it's very pure. One of those dying to oneself type of things.

When Master got out of the shower, He told me to go ahead and take my shower and of course He left me in a heap on the shower floor. It took me a few moments to try to get my legs back under me. my ankles didn't want to get moving again because they had been in a bad spot for a bit too long and as i said i was pretty uncomfortable. i was reaching up to try to find something to pull myself up with when Master opened the shower door to see if i was alright or needed some help standing up. When i was back up and on my feet i was alright in just a few minutes but just that short time from when He shut the door and when He opened it again i felt good and used.

For me, it's usually a horrible feeling while it's going on. i'm not a pain slut, you all know that. i don't go looking for that next pain high nor do i ask for Him to throw forks and knives at me. i've never been one that got off on seeing just how hot He can get that candle wax before my skin does actually ball up and peel off on contact. i'm just not that chick. i do find though when He's done with me i get that same sense of satisfaction even though it's been painful or something that i "say" i'm not into, as long as i know He's happy, i can sit in a ball of goo in the bottom of a shower miserable and completely blissful all at the same time.

Sometimes i wish that i could get it through my thick head that if i would just let go and let Him always be in control of what's going on and what's going to happen, i could have this blissful feeling of being a ball of goo, sloppy mess a lot more often. i could also have complete sense of knowing i've pleased Him even if it's just for a few moments or long lasting. Oh wouldn't that be nice?

On an unrelated note;

Master is reading in the news how people are dying in this heat. Mostly elderly yes, but still people are dying because they are just not turning on their air or they think they can't afford it. At this point, you can not afford NOT to turn on your air conditioning. Master and i are the dumb ones who will typically work in this kind of heat and we're even inside. This is just my own public service announcement because hearing about these people who have a/c and aren't using it is just heartbreaking.

Please try to stay cool, go to a friend or family member's home if you have to!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure


  1. My Master said he would never do this, but he usually changes his mind. I know you have no choice but if you did would you accept his pee in your mouth again?

  2. Well you sort of hit the nail on the head in your comment. i have no choice in the matter, right? So my answer to you of course would be yes, i would take what Master had to offer at any time. That's where the trust factor always comes into play. i know that He'll push me as far as He thinks i am able to handle at any given time. He knows me really well and He knows what will push me over the edge.

    The interesting thing about your comment is that you say "accept". i know it's just a word but what i think is interesting is saying that i'll accept His pee in my mouth. That implies that i do in fact have a choice.

    When Master and i first got together i thought that this was something He would never do either. It's amazing how relationships develop and how trust deepens isn't?

    Thank you so much for the question! =)