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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Would you lock her, in a box?

Several years ago Master and i built a box. i've spoken about it before, but not for a while. It's built to fit me, exactly. There is a nice cushioned seat in there and a removable stool, if standing on the stool my head will stick out of the removable "lid". It's all pretty cool and very very dark and spooky. Master primarily uses it for punishments but hasn't had me in there for a while. If i've had time in the box, i've usually messed up pretty good. This time was no exception. i blew it. Actually that was the problem i did NOT blow it or Him rather. The twice a day cock sucking rule, i didn't do either one. It's up to me to make it happen twice a day, on my own. Once He approached me, and i sucked His cock and i thought it counted, the other time He had me kneel at the toilet and clean Him i also thought that counted. Wrong on both accounts. He approached me both times and it was on me, i should have known better. This isn't a new rule and neither time should have counted.

So into the box i went. With a gag in my mouth to remind me that my mouth shouldn't be empty. The box is dark, it's small, and it's stuffy. Did i mention the box is dark? Did i say it was stuffy? How about dark? So He hand cuffs each hand to the corners of the box and pad locks the door shut. CLICK. That's the lock. He left me in there for a while, actually this time it wasn't very long but after what seemed like 15 minutes or so, He left the house. i heard the dog barking at Him and i heard the back door shut. i knew He was going out to get Saturday's mail. This was late Sunday afternoon and i was pretty sure He didn't grab it Saturday. He was outside of the house for all of 2 minutes, but He still left the house with me locked up! lol

i heard Him walk back into the room but He didn't say a word to me, He told me earlier to be sure i didn't go to sleep. i was just sitting there thinking about what i had done and trying to figure out why i was so lazy. Why not just be overly cautious? If i wasn't sure if one of those times counted, just ask or just do it one more time? But like a doof, i just took it for granted that it counted and took the easy way out. So there was no way i could fall asleep, i always tend to over analyze things when i am being punished. So i was trying to do what i was told, and think about what i did wrong. When i heard Him come back into the room, i was acutely aware of His presence, waiting for Him to talk to me or let me out but i just heard Him sit down. Then it was like a bomb went off in the box, He must have hit the side with His fist. He told me He wanted to keep me on my toes. i just gasped and waited for Him to laugh and ask me if i was still breathing.

A few minutes later Master let me out and told me that He would allow me to make it up to Him and He let me finish sucking His cock from before. Something that Master said after i made Him cum was interesting. He said that after i have been punished and reminded who i am, i am always "grounded" if you will. Those are my words though. i always give Him a very passionate and loving blow job, the sex is always better. i don't know why, i am sure it's because i have been, just as i said, reminded who i am and reminded of my place. The box isn't a bad place to be for a very short time, but the longer He keeps me in there, the harder is it to be in there, obviously. That's all part of the game, if you will.

It's been quite a week since then. His Mom is in the hospital now, since we went over there last night and strongly suggested that she go to the ER. When she got there her Blood Pressure topped out at 224/101 and stayed there for a long time. She was completely unable to answer questions coherently and the risk of stroke was #1 on everyone's mind. They sent her to the best place around with a stroke team, should that terrible event occur. As of this evening, she is talking and answering questions appropriately and her BP is back to normal if not even a little low. Unfortunately there is no answer to all of our questions. So we're playing the waiting game on that.

Before all that happened we were at the vet with our kitty, she got her fanny in a bind somehow and ended up with two tiny staples in her back side! Tuesday night i picked her up to bring her to bed and she felt like an oven, she was so hot. Not very much later there was blood all over the bed and when we were at the vet, the vet said that she had a cut that had become infected, poor baby. She cried when they shaved her bottom and she was so scared =(. She seems to be doing fine now though, just a little more tired than usual but eating and drinking fine! =)

That's it for me. i hope all is well out there in blogland.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure


  1. I would lock her in a box,
    I would lock her in some stocks.
    I would put her in a hood,
    I would lock her up real good.
    I would spank her on the tits,
    I would rope her where she sits.
    I would hood her pretty head,
    I would chain her to the bed.
    I would pierce her nether lips,
    I would put holes in her nips.
    I would collar her forever,
    With a bond that none can sever.

  2. Awwwwwwwwww That's awesome!!!!!! i love You Master! That's a lovely poem!!! =)