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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finally Found my Forte

i think i have found my forte. After all this time, i finally know where my talent lies. i can bust a computer like nobodies business. my computer hasn't run right for a long time, i haven't been able to use it really since August. i have been lucky because i've had my lap top to fall back on but lately it's so sluggish that i can't really even use it to surf. The last week or so it's like it's on the slowest dial up known to man. That's two! Now i'm on Master's lap top, i wonder how long it will be before i ruin this one? i've already completely rearranged His bookmark tabs on the top toolbar, last i looked before my shower they were completely fine and when i sat back down afterward, they were completely reorganized. So i hit something, somehow without noticing. He's pretty happy about, i'm sure.... =/

The last few weeks my headache pain has been bad, really bad. Master told me last night to call the University and see if i could get back in to see them. It's usually an ordeal to try to get back in and often takes months. Even if you don't have months to wait, you wait. That's just the way it is there, it's a teaching hospital and you "pay" for the care in the time you have to wait. Once you get in you get incredible care though. So i really hate starting the process, but i know it's bad enough not to wait any longer. So i called this morning, dreading the inevitable, "we'll see you in January" when she said, "we actually have two openings this Thursday". Otherwise it would have been December, heh. i could have cried and almost did, she heard the joy in my voice when i said oh my gosh, that's amazing, thank you so much! People just don't get in there that quickly, this is definitely a case of taking the good with the bad. Yes the pain has been terrible, but this is a blessing. Hopefully i might have a little help with it. They never give me any false hope though, they just tell me that they might be able to help me manage the pain a little better. They never tell me that the pain will leave or that they'll get rid of it, they never once have said anything like that. Again, good and bad. i would love to think that it will go away someday but when i ask it's like they throw up their hands in the air as though i have a gun to them. No doctor will ever tell me if it's going to go away or even attempt to tell me if it "might" go away. One of the doctors up there said one time years ago, just live in the moment, don't think about next year or the next. hmmm That's a cop out lol.

i just want to be able to laugh without grabbing my head as though it's going to explode. Every time i so much as giggle my head seriously feels like it's blowing off and i have to grab my forehead for the pressure. i don't remember it ever being quite this bad without a reprieve. i can't lie flat and if i do and happen to fall asleep i'll sit bolt upright a few minutes later feeling as though someone is stabbing the back of my head with a hot poker. Something just isn't right, nothing has been this bad for a while. Hopefully they'll be able to resolve this much this time. But who knows it might just be something else i'll have to live with, we'll see.

i don't care how i feel the rest of the day i really need to vacuum and i want to get some fall decorations up. i've never waited this long to get decorations up and it's one of my favorite things to do. i know having the house look pretty will make me feel better and just having it feel like fall will be fun. It sounds silly to Master but it's the little things like that, that i really do enjoy. He hates decorating but He lets me do it.

i don't think i have true "orange" heels, otherwise i would wear them today while i was decorating! HAHA! i only have melon and they just won't do, but they are adorable!!! =)

Have a great day everyone.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

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