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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oh the weather outside is frightful.......!

The majority of this week has been one weather concern after another. We got a pretty big snow storm on Tuesday night and that postponed Master's shopping trip. On Thursday night we got a nasty ice storm, they had predicted up to an inch of ice followed by a possible 12 inches of snow in some areas. YIKES! If we had gotten an inch of ice and lost power we really have no way of providing heat for the animals. Everyone would be alright for a while except for our bird so we were really concerned, we have no fire place and no generator. Thankfully when the ice hit it wasn't nearly as bad as it was supposed to be and the snow wasn't as much as predicted. It was still very ugly and horrible but we didn't lose power and the roads weren't too bad yesterday. i was of course terrified to go out because i seem to be terrified to leave the house at all these days. But we made it out and back and did just fine.

i finally got to go shopping for Master! Other than dropping and breaking my pen as soon as Master walked away and getting mixed up about a few things and nearly crying in the book isle (hehe) i made it. i thought seriously about asking a group of young adult/teens to help me look for a book that Master has wanted lol. Ended up that Master just showed me where it was Himself, it was no secret that He was getting the book, He's been wanting it for months. i had already been standing there for nearly 15 minutes looking for it, it was ask Him or someone to help me, i chose Him teehee. It was wayyy down in the corner i don't think i ever would have found it. i'm just happy to be done and that Master will have a nice Christmas (i hope)! =)

It's snowing again today, the paper said "flurries" if this is flurries, i would hate to see what they call a snow storm. It's really really snowing outside! i have no idea how much we're supposed to get but we're in for the day, Master said last night that we weren't going anywhere today. i'm totally on board with that! i made cookies last night, a double batch even. i like to bake but not so much alone. Master came in and threw some stuff in the bowl for me to make it go faster though hahaha. They turned out well and now at least i feel like i did something domestic for Christmas.

Because of the death in Master's brother in law's ("J") family our plans for Christmas Day might be a set off a little. We're not sure if J will be out of town and if he is none of us want to open gifts without him, we just don't feel good about that. So we'll get together and maybe have a meal or something but wait on gifts until he's able to join us. J can be pretty indecisive so i'm sure we won't know what we're doing right up until Christmas Eve. But i guess in this situation we just need to be patient with him and give him some space right now to figure out what to do.

i've mentioned that Master and i play Everquest, there is a message board that we belong to. One thread asked "what is your favorite Christmas tradition" i thought i would share here what i wrote there. Every year my Mom would make these meat balls. The first year she made them she thought she was soooo clever because it was something so new and different! Our big mistake was in telling her that we thought they were good! hahahaha Why? Because these meat balls in question were Grape Jelly Meat Balls. *sigh* She thought they were good and because we made a fuss over them, EVERY year after that for Christmas Eve dinner, she made them!

The funny thing about this was that someone remarked about the meatballs and it made me wonder about the recipe box she put together for me years and years ago. She wrote out an entire recipe box of cards of her favorite recipes. So i thought... hmmm... i wonder.... so i went to look. Sure enough! Grape Jelly Meat Balls!

The recipe couldn't really be easier if anyone wanted to try it.

Make your favorite meatloaf recipe, make into the meat balls.
Put them on foil and into the oven for 15 minutes on 450.
Then into the crock pot.
Add 1C Ketchup
Add 1C Grape Jelly
Let simmer~enjoy... lol if you dare!!!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

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