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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Good News

Hell, I don't know if anyone even reads this, but the counter keeps going up, so I guess someone must be reading it. My treasure went into the hospital voluntarily a little over 3 weeks ago for some IV drugs under the care of the big wig in Neurology to see if they might be able to get her some relief from the headaches that have plagued her for 9 years. On about the second day, the drug they were giving her blew out her vein. This is common for this drug they said. Well, no one ever said that before, so this was the first thing that pissed me off. Well, we'll just put in a picc line, it's no big deal, we do it every day, blah blah blah. OK, put it in then I guess...this was a little more than we had signed on for, but she wanted to really give this a shot, even though our hopes really weren't very high. You can only see so many doctors over so many years before you kind of give up hoping that someone will ride in on a big white horse with all the answers. So, go ahead with the pic line, at least she won't have to get stuck 14 times a day. Picc line in...her arm hurts. Here, have a hot pack. Next day...arm hurts...have a hot pack. On the 10th day...approximately the 7th or 8th day with the picc line, they took it out and sent her home. The whole time, her arm hurt and they just kept offering hot packs. After it came out, she still complained of worsening pain in the arm, and they did nothing. At this time, we just chalked it up to having a long ass fucking tube shoved in your vein all the way into your chest. A week later, she visited a local doctor because the pain had become horrible so he did an ultrasound on it and said Yep, you have a blood clot. He prescribed.........HEAT. 2 days later, it was unbearable and her hand was blue, so she ended up in the ER at the same hospital that she just left a week earlier. They did some tests and discovered a blood clot that went from the middle of her forearm all the way into her chest. I have since learned that blood clots are a known possible side effect of a picc line, although rare. Now...if your furnace or your refrigerator or your computer makes a funny noise, you check it out and fix it...if your car is making a funny noise, you check it out and fix it...YOU DON'T IGNORE IT! If you do, BAD things happen. So in my opinion, if you stick something in someone's vein that might cause a blood clot, however rare, and it causes pain for over a week, you MIGHT just want to check it out. So this past Friday night, she was admitted and spent the whole weekend in pain, with her arm elevated and blood thinner being pumped into her. Monday, she had some kind of big ass catheter stuck in her fucking arm with wires and shit sticking out of it, strapped to a board and they started pumping more fucking poison into her vein that has the possible side effect of internal bleeding or stroke. WHOOPIE!!! She had to lie flat on her back in the fucking ICU until tonight when they actually let her sit up for a while. Thank God the clot is now all gone except for a bit of residue left on the wall of the vein, so they're gonna give it until tomorrow and hope it'll get it all. With any luck, she'll be out of the prison ward and back in a regular room tomorrow night. I was already blind with rage before she went into the ICU, then I found out she would have no phone and my visitation "privileges" would be at their whim. I had a meltdown Monday night. I screamed at everyone who came within 10 feet of me, I threw shit and I even got into a pissing match with Nurszilla in the ICU. If someone's already visibly infuriated, the last thing you wanna do is get in their face and tell them what kind of attitude they may and may not have, especially if they're somewhat of a traditionalist and you're some kind of bitchy assed power hungry feminazi. So I guess I'm a bit of a celebrity at the ole ICU these days. My treasure overheard one nurse telling another nurse later that they almost had a code green (call security). Everyone around me tells me to chill out, things happen, I have no reason to be pissed off...BULLSHIT I don't...that's my wife and My property lying there with tubes and wires and shit sticking out of her all over the place with all kinds of poison dripping into her and it's their fucking fault. My pt is much more forgiving than me and is all but begging me to not file suit or even file a complaint with the hospital, but I'm just not sure I'll be able to accomodate her on that one...

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  1. Hello there...
    I just wanted to send hugs and good thoughts to both of you. I hope you are home soon and feeling much better. *hugs* Those pic line suck, I know...*hugs* they should have been doing a better job with your care..poor thing :(