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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yesterday morning i woke up feeling pretty bad. The incisions that i got from the surgery are still hurting and of course i had the usual searing pain in my head that i have when i first wake up. i got up and took some meds and laid down on the couch and just felt sorry for myself. About 30 seconds after i laid down, my booboo kitty hopped up on the sofa and curled up in my arms. She nudged my cheek and gave me a kiss while i stroked her fur. i was soon completely involved in her, talking to her and telling her how pretty she is, when i realized that the pain, all over, had lessened a great deal. i was no longer miserable, but quite happy to be there laying with my booboo kitty.

Animals are amazing to me and this little kitty is nothing short of a miracle in my life. Often times she doesn't show up for treat time, she skips out on parties where she is the guest of honor and sometimes she blows off TV night with the family. But when i'm hurting, really hurting, she is there. Always. When i'm hurting there are two things i need, Master to hold my hand or rub my head and tell me it's going to be ok, and i need my booboo. She'll hop up on the bed and silently curl up beside me. She'll lay a paw gently against me and look up at me and i know she's saying, "I'm here mom, I love you". When it's at it's worst, she'll come to me and kiss my cheek with her rough tongue and just sit there, watching over me until the worst has passed.

i have been completely in love with every animal i have ever had. But i think that just as though there is one true love out there for every human, there is one true love out there for every animal. Amazingly enough, i have found both. Even Master sees it in her, He was never a cat lover before He met my booboo and she is very much Daddy's little girl. The way that He talks to her and loves her warms my heart to boiling over some times. We have 4 animal companions to love and we are blessed beyond compare!

Last night when Master and i were going to town for a little bit of Valentine's Day shopping and for a bite to eat, He said that He was sure that when the whole financing was over, that our lives would slow down a bit. Well, things haven't slowed down at all, in fact things are going to be a bit hectic in the next couple weeks. i am going up to take care of my mom tomorrow post surgery and i won't be home until Friday, most likely. Then we'll have the weekend to spend together before i go up to the University Hospital Monday morning for who knows how long. The doctor that is admitting me said 3-5 or 7-10 days, depending on how i respond to treatment. Master is convinced that i will be looking at the 7-10 day time frame. i'm hoping that i'll respond quickly and get to come home within that 3-5 day frame.

The one thing that concerns me is what the doctor said about the time i will be there. She said that i should plan on (i'm paraphrasing here, can't remember her exact words) being uncomfortable or in some sort of discomfort while i am there. Now to me, every time i have heard a doctor say "you might feel some discomfort" what they really mean is "we're going to cut your leg off with no medication" *giggles* So i am somewhat worried about the whole "discomfort" comment. But if this helps, there are of course no guarantees that it will, it would be wonderful. At this time being hospitalized is my only option to try and get better.

Master will have a very busy couple weeks or however long they decide to keep me. He'll have to take care of the animals and the house while i'm away. In between driving an hour each way to the hospital to see me. i'm pretty sure He won't be able to make it up there every day and i'm happy to take whatever He can give. With my whole family being out of the state and my mom just having had her own surgery, there is no way that she'll be able to visit and there is no way on earth my sister would come out to see me. That might cause her a tiny bit of inconvenience and no one would want that! *rolls eyes* But i'm sure that Master's parents and sister will at least be up once to check on me, and that's all i can ask for.

We had a birthday party Sunday night for our kids we have three of them who have birthday's in February. They got lots of toys and treats. Combined with what they all got for Christmas and now their birthday, they will be set until next Christmas!

We did our Valentine's Day last night because i'll be working tonight and Master's friend will be here when i get home. Master bought me a new night gown and a really pretty pair of pink sparkly earrings. He also got me a couple of movies! He looked at flowers and asked me if would like some and i said no. i already have small bouquet here from when i had that little surgery and i won't even be home to enjoy them. So i opted for things that i can keep and enjoy for years to come. Flowers are lovely but they just don't last and i would prefer to have something that i can look back at and say "remember when You got me that for Valentine's Day?"

So i'm not sure when i'll be back, but i most certainly will be! In the mean time, Master may post once or twice while i'm gone, but no promises there either!

Peace to you and yours,
Happy Valentines Day!

MD's treasure

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