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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Perfect Timing

In the midst of it all, Master decided i needed some time away. So that’s what He did. He sent me this email yesterday:

Hey baby. :) At 5:30, I want you blindfolded, spread-eagle on the bed, cuffed to the headboard. You should put a cuff on each wrist, then lay down and stretch out cuffing the other end to the farthest bar you can reach. Wear some kind of garter belt, stockings and sexy shoes...nothing else. Close the door so you're free of animals. Keep your legs spread. You may put a sheet over yourself if you think you'll be cold. Put on some soft music if you like. Don't click the cuffs closed until 5:30. I'll be home eventually! :P

Oh, go ahead and insert the large butt plug too. Have fun!

i didn’t get the email until 4:45 so needless to say i was rushing around a bit to get ready. When He got home, He put on some music, a CD that He made for me the night of my collaring. Then He got out the vibrator and what seemed to be a very large dildo. He put the dildo in so i was plugged both ass and pussy. Then He set out to give me just what i needed, a lot of pleasure to escape the pain. After what seemed like several orgasms, He used the little rubber flogger to smack my tits, stomach and thighs. For being so small, it really has a very sharp sting to it. Then He placed some clamps on my nipples and i thought i would die. He said that He would leave them on just long enough to have a smoke, then if i behaved well, He would take them off. Well, i don’t think i have ever been better behaved in my life, i wanted those things off as soon as He would allow. He was true to His word, when He was done smoking, He took them off, only the one slipped out of His hand and clamped back on very quickly and super tight. i didn’t know what happened until later, all i know is that i screamed so loud He put His hand over my mouth to dull the noise.

Shortly after this He let me loose to use the restroom. When i came back He put the hood on me only He used the hood that has a mouth hole instead of the one with only the nose hole. i tolerate the one He used much better. He was all about my comfort last night and about making me feel good and giving me an outlet. Then He put me back on the bed and cuffed my hands behind my back and left me there to think. i’m not sure how long i was there but it didn’t seem too long. It was just the right amount of time. He came in and asked me if i was uncomfortable anywhere and seeing that i still had the enormous butt plug still in, i told Him that it was really burning and hurting, so He took it out. We talked about me feeling like a “thing” and did i like it, did i like feeling like an object with nothing to do but feel used. i did in fact feel exactly like a thing, just waiting to be used and told what to do. He left again and i can’t remember how long He was gone this time, i’m not sure what happened while He was gone.

When He returned for the last time, He told me that He would use His property. i was sore from the dildo and sore from being tied up for several hours so when He told me to bend over the bed, i was glad to stretch out and move again. He left the hood on and cuffed me in front so i would have my hands to balance on the bed. Then He fucked me hard and fast, not really thinking about my pleasure at all, just “using His thing” again.

When He was finished and i had cleaned us both up, He told me not to get dressed. That i was allowed to put on a pair of panties and i would wear my long black dress coat and heels to get supper. So all i had on were my stockings, a garter belt and a pair of panties underneath my coat. my coat fits well so there wasn’t any chance of it falling open but if you looked up the slit of the back of the coat, you might think i didn’t have a skirt on. The car ride was cold but i was happy to do it. No one was the wiser at the restaurant but there was an element of the thrill, for sure.

This was easily the best playtime i have ever had and i think that Master was pleased as well. In a really lousy time when i was feeling so very sad, this was just what the Master ordered and all was right with the world for those few hours.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

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