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Friday, February 25, 2005

Falling Apart?

Master told me tonight that He thinks we are “falling apart”. i asked to smoke again tonight and i am always shocked at how angry He gets. It’s just something i can’t kick, no matter how hard i try. It’s not like i smoke a lot, He gives me three or four to have while He’s gone during the day then He’ll share one or two with me during the evening when He gets home. i guess it’s just a terrible habit i’m not able or willing to break. Willing might be the key word in that sentence. i think that i have done really well this last week as i promised Him that i wouldn’t touch His smokes after He’s gone to bed. He knew that i was sneaking smokes through the night when i was awake and He was sleeping. So i told Him that it’s important to me that He trusts me again so i wouldn’t touch His smokes again without His permission. He doesn’t see this as a positive thing at all. All He’ll say is that i shouldn’t have been sneaking them in the first place so i shouldn’t be commended on not sneaking them. He’s got a point but i feel as though this is a major effort for me, i truly want Him to trust me again.

As far as us “falling apart” i didn’t ask Him what He meant because i felt it wasn’t the right time. But i’m surprised to hear Him say that. i thought that we had been getting along fairly well. We enjoy each other’s company and have a good time when we’re together. There hasn’t been much DS in the house lately but i just attribute that to Master being tired when He gets home from work and largely due to my headaches setting some pretty major limitations on us lately. For the last two weeks i haven’t been able to go to the “Y” and i haven’t been able to go to bowling due to my head. i haven’t been well at all and i’m sure it must be frustrating for Master to see me in such bad shape. Even looking at all of this, i wouldn’t say that we are “falling apart”. It’s really very scary for me to think that He might have meant by that. i look at my wedding ring and feel the collar around my neck and i’m grateful for my relationship with my Husband and Master. His love means the world to me and to think that it could be in jeopardy, scares the living hell out of me.

So now what? What am i to do to ensure that we don’t fall apart? Our sex life hasn’t been much lately either and i know it’s because of my head. Master would have a blowjob every night if He thought i would be able to physically do it. The fact of the matter is, it hurts me head so bad that He won’t ask me to do it anymore. At least He hasn’t asked me to it in quite some time. So i guess this could be a large part of what He’s talking about. my inability to serve Him due to my headaches. Lately the most that i have been able to do is keep Him in clean socks and put supper on the table. And even that i don’t do very well. Tonight He came out to tell me to make His supper and i was standing in the kitchen crying because the pain had overcome me. So, He put His own supper in the oven as i sat on the couch and cried. Partly because i hurt so bad and partly because i’m so FRICKEN SICK AND TIRED OF HURTING… and partly because He had to make His own supper.

The last time i was at the doctor i asked him if he thought the headaches would ever go away and his answer was “yes”. When you’re about 48, they should start to go away. UMMMM i’m only 36!!! His response was, “well at least you know they won’t last forever”. So until then i have to find a way to live with these stupid things without letting them ruin my marriage. i have been thinking about starting a support group, to see if there is anyone in the area that might have the same trouble as i do. But i don’t know if i have the energy to do so. It might even help Master to meet people who are in the same boat as He is, living with someone who is in pain all time. i don’t know if there is a good way to handle it but it couldn’t hurt to meet other people to chat about how they deal with it.

One bright spot in my life is that i have met a new friend. At this point we have just exchanged emails but i have a really good feeling about it. i need a friend to talk to and someone that i might be able to confide in. i’m sure that it will do me some good to become a friend again as well. It might just give me something else to think about besides the headaches. i’m also looking forward to talking about our lifestyle as we are both somewhat new to the lifestyle. Anyway, it can’t hurt. Please notice the new link on my blog to her site. She’s got a really lovely site and it’s a great read as well. It's called A Walk in the Garden.

Enough for now, i’m not going to figure it all out in one night.

Peace to you and yours,

MD’s treasure


  1. hey hun

    hugs you, ya know I am not going to sugar coat this at all. ok. first off ya ever want to talk email me. you know how to get it. secondly big time. I get up every single morning and I assess the amount of pain I am experiencing. I hurt every single day of my life and as I age the pain will intensify. Yes pain sucks. But there is alot YOU can DO to make it better.
    first off stop crying- crying makes my pain worse always, the stuffy nose, the head ache, crying defeats the purposes of dealing with the pain. When you feel like crying mentally talk to yourself give yourself a pep talk talk you way out of the tears. You know as well as I do that crying is a vicious circle, you cry, the headahce gets worse so you cry some more so the headache gets worse..UGH STOP CRYING
    2) Deal with it You have an illness and from what I read you have let it control you. Screw that YOU are an adult YOU control it! Back to mentally training yourself to move on to keep that smile pasted to your face even when it hurts, you have to stay in control
    3) Meditate meditate meditate take time every day to sit in a dark room and meditate.
    4) no sugars, no caffeines no artifical coloring god read some of the crap that this stuff can do, no wonder why so many people have so many issues. STAY NATURAL as much as possible and eliminate the obvious and that deal friend includes your smokes. (i LOVE coffee but i get two 6 ounce cups a day ONLY anymore then that and it effects me way to much)
    5) stop smoking not just you but you and your Master it is unrealistic for Him to think that you will quit and not him, smoking is not a BDSM issues its not an M/S issues its an ADDICTION as much as you want to be that good slave and not crave a smoke and not kill for a smoke, its not going to happen, your addicted and together as a team you two will succeed more so if it is just one of you. TEAM WORK

    winks..hugs ya and goes off to the garden
    be good

  2. 5) She won't be alone in the quitting. I want desperately to quit but every time I take measures for us both to quit, she fights me tooth and nail. I don't think I've ever seen anyone so desperate to smoke in my life as her. I won't have near the difficulty quitting as she will, but I can't do it if she can't. You are most correct about it being unrealistic for one person to quit and not the other, but you're incorrect in thinking that I'm asking for just that. :) About the only thing I haven't tried is just flat out taking them away, but if things don't improve on the smoking front soon, that may just be my course of action.