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Friday, November 04, 2005

Love Each Other

i would like to think that my mom is on the road to recovery. Although she is very short of breath and has very little stamina i think that she will regain her strength a little at a time. When i was at the hospital with her over the weekend the Kidney Doctor came in to visit and gave her some rather daunting news, he told her that because her kidney function had dropped so low, she would have start home dialysis. i went back up there on Monday to see the Kidney Doctor in his office and after he had a chance to review all of her labs over the past several months, he said that he would like to wait until she’s over all these infections and retest her. He’s hoping, as we all are, that her levels might increase once the infections are completely cleared up. So on top of some not-so-great news, we might have a bit of a reprieve.

Master and i celebrated our Anniversary this week. i had to work on Tuesday night and His friend was here so we didn’t end up really doing much of anything on the actual day. So on Wednesday night we treated ourselves to a very nice dinner at Red Lobster. Master is crazy about seafood so that’s where we decided to go. We were seated in a private booth away from all the hustle and bustle of the other patrons and had a wonderful time. We had a long talk about how our relationship is going and where He would like to see it go. In a nut shell i told Him that i would try harder to do more of the things that He likes more often. Some of the things that He enjoys are not easy for me, to put it lightly. The one main thing that He wants to see change is that i wear high heels more often. They are not easy for me to wear and almost as soon as i put them on, my legs get weary and my feet start to hurt and i just get very tired, very quickly. So, i’m hoping that i can do better with that and wear them more often when i’m just sitting watching TV and not cooking or doing house work.

Master bought a John Denver DVD for me for our Anniversary and i can’t wait to watch it. We have a busy weekend coming up so i don’t think i’ll have a chance this weekend, but maybe one night next week. Sunday night we are all going out for our Anniversary and my Birthday. Master’s Mom and Dad are taking all of us to the Olive Garden, so that should be a good time, i hope! i never know what will happen when Master and His Dad get together. Master is very impatient with His Dad and although i think that His Dad is really a wonderful person, i can see how he can be trying sometimes. For one thing, he is deaf as a post and refuses to wear his hearing aides, so he never hears what is going on. So he interrupts people all the time, because he doesn’t know that anyone else is talking. In spite of that, he really is a great guy and he would do anything to help us out at any time of the day or night, if we need him. When Master was building this house, His dad was here every day for several months helping Him. He worked is tail off to help Master and he would do it again if Master needed him.

When i was driving home from my Mom’s on Tuesday afternoon, i was searching for something to listen to on the radio and i came across a country station. There was a Shania Twain song on the radio that really disturbed me. i can’t remember how the lyrics went verbatim but in a nut shell it said that men are like shoes, made to abuse. It went on to say how men are really good for nothing and should be used and tossed aside when a new one comes along. Can you imagine, just for one second if a MAN had sung that song about a woman? OH MY GOSH! The pandemonium that would ensue would be immeasurable. When was it that it became standard practice for women to degrade men in such a way? How is it that we as a country or world, think that this is acceptable? i don’t think that it’s acceptable for either gender to disrespect the other in any way. Whatever happened to the loving wife who supported her husband in his business endeavors and in his life choices? This song is a very small example (in my opinion) of why there is so much divorce and discontent in our world today. Even if the woman is a strong business person herself and is sharp as a tack in the corporate world, i still feel that there is no reason she can’t go home at night and be a loving compassionate wife/significant other to her mate. But somehow it became common issue for the woman to rule the house and rule her husband.

It is my humble opinion that no one should be treated like a shoe, to be used and abused, just because we “can”. (Unless of course that’s what you’re in to: SSC acts) What a horrible message to send out to our young women, who are learning from this insanity. This country pop star has so many young followers and i think it’s a crime that this woman is allowed to send out this message.

End Rant!

Well, the laundry awaits me and thus far, no fairy princess has shown up to do it for me. =)

Love Each Other, that’s my message for the day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

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  1. Just a belated Happy Anniversary *smiles softly.* I just discovered your blog and it as well as you truly ise/are a treasure! Keep writing, Keep loving, and Keep being you!