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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Asking For A Rule

Just after i posted my previous post about healing up i realized that i was twisting my nose ring quite a bit and it was getting sore.  i think it was becoming more of a habit than anything and i wasn't doing it with clean sanitized hands.  i was just doing it willy-nilly.  i knew if i kept playing with that ring i was going to get a raging infection, already being as sore as it was i wasn't sure it wasn't already too late.

So i went to Master with a request for help, but a serious one.  i have asked for His help before but nothing in a real serious manner.  i got His full attention (that's always key) and then i presented my case.  i asked Master for a rule temporary or not of course was up to Him.  i knew once i presented my issue it was going to be out of my hands.  i also knew that the punishment i thought of needed to be something fairly intense, at least something that would let Master know i was serious.
Once i had Master's attention, i told Him my problem and then i asked Him if He would help me.  i was asking Him that if at any time He saw me playing with my septum ring, He would punish me.  Right there or as soon as physically possible.  The punishment being 15 hard swats on each fanny cheek with a wooden spoon, every time He saw me OR every time i reported an indiscretion.

Master didn't like my punishment but He was impressed with the severity of it.  For a one time punishment it wasn't anything but if it was to be repeated many times, i thought it would be a good reminder.  His punishment is and would be three swats with HIS wooden spoon on each inner thigh!  His, i believe is MUCH worse than mine might have been.  Oh, and i had forgotten how HUGE that wooden spoon of His is!!!  i have never seen a wooden spoon that large, in my life!!!!

i was really shocked at how eager Master was to take on this new rule.  i thought that i might get scolded or the rule wouldn't be put into place.  Reason being is that i wasn't sure if i should be doing this at all.  i was quite torn on the whole thing.  Should a slave ask for a rule herself, how slave-like is that?  i understood that i needed guidance but i thought Master might see it me trying to take the reigns.  Instead i believe He saw it as i did and as i hoped He would;  me seeing an area that i truly needed improvement, that He couldn't have possibly known about without me telling Him.

This isn't something that i would make a habit of because then i would certainly think it would be totally overstepping that boundary.

i believe we were out shopping later that day and Master looked over at me and asked me if i had just been playing with the ring.  Master is very fair and willing to give me the benefit of the doubt but i admitted that i had been turning it, for no reason.  We got home and Master told me to lie down on the bed, legs spread wide and that's when He pulled out Paul Bunyon's wooden spoon.  He alternated whacks on each thigh and holy crap i felt it in my toes.

my fear of pain keeps me honest, i will say that.  i wouldn't touch this ring unless it was on fire! (or i'm cleaning it!)  i haven't had a punishment since but i'll keep you posted.  Unfortunately my memory is WAYYY worse than my fear of pain! So i will start spinning soon! =)

Have a wonderful day!

Peace to you and yours!

MD's treasure      


  1. BAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA Paul Bunyan's wooden spoon!!!

  2. i would look at it this way, if you hadn't asked for Masters help, and you came down with an infection because of could lead to you being in trouble.

    On other news my Sir has decided to remove my clit. He wants me to be less selfish. And my focus to be on him where it should be.

    Warmest wishes

    1. Thanks for the insight on that Jodi. i hadn't thought of it that way.

      i wish you a quick healing with your body modification. i also hope that you and your Master get the desired results. Good luck! =)


  3. I'm really, really shocked at how well my septum ring has healed up. It feels completely healed to me, because when I swim it doesn't hurt or feel the least bit uncomfortable. I'm also prone to playing with it - but I have only changed the jewelry once and it was by a piercer, so it wasn't me fumbling around ridiculous-like. (Not that you're ridiculous, just that, I haven't found a ring that fits my septum without having to be custom bent, and I know I would mess it up on my own.)

    But, I don't see anything wrong with asking your Master for help. Your dynamic is different than mine, so if it had been me, I would have just told Master that I really needed help, and let him come up with the rule (if he wanted a rule) himself. I'm glad that your Master jumped on board and was happy to help you. Though, I honestly see Gaspar as the type of guy who would totally relish that punishment. Sounds like fun for him, even if not for you. :)


    1. i didn't know they were supposed to "fit" LOL! i've had five different rings in, if i'm counting correctly. i think they've all fit "okay". One segment ring we put in was wayyyy to big and i only had that in for a day or so. It was kinda getting in the way of eating! BUT! It did look pretty cool! =)

      You're right about Him sorta enjoying the whole adding pain thing! He was happy to help and He's still asking every once in a while if i have played with it. So far so good with remembering! =)


    2. I'm not sure they're "supposed" to fit, just that - the fit Master and me like is sort of hard to find, is what I meant. My septum was pierced sort of high up on my nose, which is nice, but can be a bit difficult finding the right jewelry. I do like it lots though. No complaints.

  4. I'm glad that he saw it as you did. I'm not in a M/s relationship, but in my D/s relationship, I struggle with asking for things. But, if it is somethign that is needed, the least one can do is speak up, and keep communication open, no matter what they decide to do.

    Think of how he would have felt if you did get infected, especially at your own hands!

    1. i never thought of how He would have felt had it got infected and it being my fault! That really didn't cross my mind but i think He would have been angry, you're right.

      i'm just wondering though, M/s, D/s why should the dynamic really matter? If we need help, we need help. You're getting more and more rules and your sir has never begged off of rules. Seems like he too would jump on board! =)


  5. I'm not sure why I put the bit in there about dynamic. There was probably a reason when I typed it...

    Though thinking about it now, its probably because sometimes I feel like Sir and I are "just playing dress up" when it comes to this - that its not quite real and we're just kids trying this on. I keep wondering when were going to grow up so to speak and things will get real.

    But that's a whole separate issue.