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Friday, March 15, 2013

Appearing Submissive

A few days ago i came across a thread on Fetlife that i thought was interesting, so i thought i would talk about it here.  i'm not a huge fan of posting on Fetlife, for various reasons not the least of which is i don't care for being attacked for having an opinion.  i feel more comfortable here, call me a coward, i don't care.  i simply don't like people getting in my face if they don't like what i have to say.  i don't mind being disagreed with or even challenged, but yeah not so much with the snark. So.... on with my post. =)

The original question was something like "Do you appear submissive?", i'm paraphrasing.

i don't believe that appearing submissive makes one appear weak or diminishes ones character in anyway.  There's nothing saying that just because you take care to show yourself in a submissive manner that you don't have just as much self respect as someone who is Dominate.  i would like to think that a submissive appearance and personality is someone who is just as imaginative, just as creative and just as fun-loving as anyone else. 

There are many ways to appear submissive and subtly show our submissiveness.  For instance, when Master puts me in charge of taking care of a task, i am careful to make sure that the person i am dealing with knows that my Husband has the final decision, should the need arise. 

my voice is a large part of how i appear to others as well as to Master.  Using loud, crass or foul language is often times a first impression.  It sends the message "hey i'm here and i want to be noticed"!! Do i want to be noticed for being independent and out of my Owners control?  Do i want to greet people in a friendly, soft yet cheerful tone?  Everything about my voice says who i am.  Yelling to Master from across an isle in a store is completely unacceptable to Him.  To Master ladies don't holler to their Owners, they speak to them properly.  Master and i have a blast and laugh all the time but there is no reason for me to yell and swearing is out of the picture, completely.

There are other ways that i show my submissiveness and these may be a bit more overt.  i never eat before He does, i defer to Him when asked questions, even in vanilla situations.  i don't believe that this makes me appear weak as i do all these things happily and with love. 

i have a strong personality and make good decisions on my own.  Master also at times will defer to me on very specific topics and shows me a great deal of respect.  i walk with my head held erect and don't slouch, all that being said, i still appear submissive.

i would love to hear your opinions! =)

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure


  1. That thread was about 92% feminist, part-time, pretend, submissive Hagithas, whose submission comes purely and temporarily out of a need to get their rocks off while being spanked. Most of them don't have the slightest clue what it means to be submissive outside a bedroom or a play party. They have so much feminist propaganda shoved up their noses that the thought of appearing submissive to anyone besides their "Dom" makes them sick to their stomachs. They are women, hear them roar!

  2. This, of course, is just my opinion. ;)

    I'd hate for someone to think that I, a male, dominant owner of a female, was some kind of chauvinist.