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Friday, November 16, 2012

Being Pliable

Quite some time ago Master was looking for the little gold locks that He uses on the leather wrist and ankle cuffs.  We call them 34 and 35 as each pair of His locks are numbered.  One of the pair were missing and it's not the 3rd 4th or even 100th time the locks have been misplaced.

The leather cuffs and locks are used often and it's one of the most frustrating things when we have little bins and designated places for these things.  So when He goes to find them, He should be able to just put His hand right on them.  This one night He was gather the 4 locks, the 4 cuffs and ... fury ensued. 

The next day i got an email with a new rule in place, from now and until further notice i will follow these instructions;

"Effective immediately, before you eat supper, you will chain your ankles. You have two can use just the chain, which is less comfortable but gives a longer stride, or you can use the cuffs (black or pink) with the chain doubled, which is more comfortable but allows a shorter stride. Either way is acceptable to me, but choose wisely because it stays on until your shower unless special circumstances dictate otherwise. When supper is over, the wrist cuffs immediately go on with the pink chain (for now), so make sure you don't have any chores left that can't be done in chains. This is a permanent new rule, but IF we have to get up early the next day, you may ask what I want to do."

In the past month i have forgotten the after supper cuffs a few times and had to be reminded.  Master also removes the pink wrist chain quite often for sleeping.  If i do sleep in the pink wrist chain sometimes He'll randomly wake me in the middle of the night and remove it on a whim.  Other times, He won't and i'll stay in both chains all night.  It's completely dependent on His mood and desires of the day or night as the case may be.

i just looked at the date of the email, it's been a month.  i got the email on October 15th and there was an adjustment period.  i wish i could honestly say that i'm so pliable that i jump into new rules with both feet first all smiles and it depends, sometimes i do.  This time i had a hard time with the wrist chain but i have adjusted and even though i had no choice, i have gotten used to wearing it each night. 

Master isn't an evil Man and doesn't want me to be uncomfortable.  It's more about me knowing i have no choice in the matter.  i will wear His chains when and where He says i will wear them and for whatever time frame He desires.  That's really what it boils down to is having no choice in the matter.  Master and i just had this conversation the other night, about "no choice".  It's not really about submitting to His will it's about having your choices taken away.

It's fairly amazing to look at a woman who once entered into a relationship under her own freewill who then proceeded to chop up all of her rights into little bits and toss them into the air like confetti!! Because to her it was a true celebration! Giving up all the control and responsibility that weighed her down, she was truly free under His control. 

If i had only known then what i know now and even each time after He makes a new rule. i wish i were more pliable i wish i could just be more of a follower.  Perhaps i need that strength for the other struggles in my life, like the pain i deal with.  i only wish i could compartmentalize it, there must be a good way to do that.

Okay i should scoot off here for now!

Have a wonderful Friday!  

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure

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