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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy 80th

Today would have been my Mom's 80th birthday.  It's hard to believe that she's been gone so long.  She died only a few days before her birthday in 2006 and sometimes it seems like i just talked to her and other days i have a hard time remembering her voice.

Her birthday was always a special day for me because as a family we've always loved fall and taken little trips in the fall.  i was thinking last night how much i would love to take her to the apple orchard near Monroe WI for the day, that we always went to.  It was one of her favorite things to do. We'd drive up the back roads and stop at any random park and haul out paper sacks.  Then she'd talk all of us into collecting walnuts that were lying on the ground.  Now you'd think that i was talking about us as kids, no no... this was up through adulthood.  We didn't do things like this as a family until we were all much older, so we'd all run around like kids and pick up walnuts that we all (including my Mom) knew were going to just sit in those bags in her basement until sometime next spring she'd throw them out.  No one cared, she was happy and it didn't hurt anything, maybe it took a couple of nuts away from the squirrels but there were thousands more!  

After the nuts were done gathering the nuts =) we would all pile back in the car and go to the apple orchard.  We would get apples, cider and my Mom would pick up little pads of paper or tea towels.  These are things she couldn't resist.  Everywhere you looked in her house there were pretty little pads of paper with bears or apples and baskets on them.  You know the pads of paper that cost like $5.95 for 2 pads with a ribbon on them?  She stockpiled this stuff for gifts and whatnot.  Those gifts actually saved Christmas after she was gone... little did she know how precious they would be, i'll share that story once i'm done with this.

So once she was finished at the apple orchard and she had sufficiently added to her little treasure trove at home.  We were ready to go to the next stop, lunch!  We always went to the same place, The Swiss Colony!  You know those little ready made boxes of sausages and cheese you buy at Christmas time for gifts?  Well yeah, same place only this place is a restaurant.  They have the most amazing cheese (Wisconsin of course), breads and meats to choose from for your sandwich.  The place looks like it's about to fall down and the wood floor creaks like it will hardly stand to hold you but the food is terrific and she'd loved it.  Once everyone had a belly full, it was time to head home.  Only after, she'd buy things she didn't need from the shop, then we were ready to go. =) 

After my Mom passed away the clean up of her house was done in stages.  It was also handled very very poorly, but i won't even touch on that, it's a horrible subject.  Master and i were in the basement going through the things on the shelves underneath stairs.  i opened the doors and while i knew there were going to be some gifts and nice items in there, i had no idea just what we'd find.  i set up a card table and the unveiling began! Every time we reached in, we pulled out yet another treasure, a little teacup, a statue, a lovely frame.  All in the original box, wrapped in tissue.  Some were Christmas related, some were Christmas ornaments, i was just amazed at all the incredible things she had tucked away.  i know how her mind worked.  She'd see something at a craft fair and think of someone she worked with or of me or my sister and just know that she had to have it to give to us for one occasion or another.  Her intentions were pure and i also know that she gave many of her treasures away for these occasions, imagine if she actually kept everything that she purchased. 

i looked around the room at the sea of boxes and tissue with all these carefully collected pieces.  my card table space long since used up and the floor and nearly every other useable space was taken as well.  i looked at Master and asked Him what in world were we going to do with all these items.  As it was getting very close to Christmas time, i did the only thing that came to mind.  i called the nursing home where i used to work, the nursing home where i watched my Mom take her last breath. 

i asked for the activity department and inquired as to their need for Christmas gifts for the residents.  The Activity Director wasn't in at the time but the girl said that she was fairly sure they still needed some for this year.  To me, it sounded like a good idea, the best idea i had.  So Master and i packed up a good portion of the items, not all, but a good portion and took the box to the nursing home.  i've made many donations in my life but i will be honest and say that one was the most difficult.  It was raw, it was fresh and i knew just how much she loved those things.  But that's what they were, things.  i knew it was the right thing to do so i dropped the box and walked away feeling good but so very empty.

It wasn't until about a month later when we got a card in the mail from the activity director.  That card made all the difference in the world.  i knew her as i worked with her before and i knew what kind of a person she was, i could hear the words she wrote in the card.  She wrote that those gifts couldn't have come at a better time as their budget was spent and they were out of gifts, completely.  She had no idea what else they were going to do for the residents and Master and i showed up only a couple days before Christmas.  Mom's gifts allowed them to provide the rest of the residents with beautiful things and i couldn't have been happier or felt better about that donation, once i read that card.

It wasn't what i did or what Master did, Mom bought that stuff, Mom loved to give that type of thing and Mom was the one that saved them.  i was just the one who delivered them in the end.  She wasn't a hero or saint by any means, not by a long shot, but she really did love to see people happy. 

Happy Birthday Mom, i would have loved to spend this day with you.

MD's treasure


  1. Happy Birthday Mother-in-law, and thank you for the best gift you ever gave anyone...your little girl. :)