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Sunday, July 15, 2012

An Update

So quite obviously i haven't been posting on here as frequently as i should be or even as much as i would like to be.  The simple answer to that is, we've been working outside and doing a lot more physical work than i'm used to.  When we come inside or when i have free time, i'm just a pile of mush.  That makes it so all my on line obligations take a back seat.  i have emails that i still need to write, people that are waiting for things.... the list is somewhat long.  We also have a DVD to make for M's sister that is going to take many, many hours and i've only got about 1/2 the pics scanned.  He needs about 300 pics and i have 169, they need the DVD by August 10, and that is quickly approaching.  Unfortunately, the calender doesn't stop just because i am tired or hurting.  So either i pull myself up by my bootstraps or things keep sliding and the latter of the two really isn't an option.  That DVD must get done and summer doesn't last forever so... ugh.

Last week Master and i dug this huge hole for a fountain pond.  Before that went in however, a steel pole had to come out.  That pole was being held in by two bags of sakrete.  Not only did we dig it out alone, Master pulled it out with a truck of course but He and i lifted it onto the bed of the truck, just the two of us! HA!  >flex< lulz  Of course we pick the sunniest days to do this crap in, it's not even the heat, those times it was just the sun beating down on us.  lol We love working hard and for "fatties" we work pretty hard!! haha Sometimes we're just not great planners for the times we work.  Anyway, in one day, we got that pole out of the ground, the huge hole for the pond dug and the pond placed (and leveled).  YAY us!!! Of course it was dark by the time we were done so we're pretty sure it's level! =)  Master said we're going to have to go back out and make 100% sure it's level before we finish filling it with water.

So because we haven't been doing enough, Master told me that He didn't want me to regret my decision so He said He wanted me to go to my class reunion.  It really took some thought so here's so i made the decision; He wasn't making me go and leaving it up to me, so i said okay, lets go to Goodwill.  If i find a dress we'll go, if i don't we won't!  It wasn't that simple really i was still thinking about going but the plan sounded good in my head.  So on Wednesday we went to Goodwill and not only did i find this little black number that fit me like it was made for me, i found a jacket that looked like it was made as a matching jacket to the dress.  Of course it wasn't but i got the whole outfit for under $9 and it was awesome!  i just thought it must have been a sign, telling me that i was meant to go and Master really wanted me to go and He pretty much hates the trip, it's a long drive (3 hours) and a lot of money on gas just to see a bunch of people He doesn't know.

So yesterday He took me to my hometown, we had a late lunch with an old co-worker and her husband.  She and i were inseparable and i miss her very much.  Master took me shopping and bought me two dresses at Goodwill and it was 157 degrees in the store!  i was pretty sure we were going to pass out.  He took me to my very favorite cafe where i used to work, He got us frosted butterfly cookies and me a banana muffin and then He took me to Gordmans and bought me perfume!!!! =)

Then it was time to go to the reunion.  i won't lie i was nervous because we were arriving late, we just went for the after hours "cocktail party".  i couldn't have been happier with how it turned out and my best friend, was the first one to see Master and i standing near the door.  i didn't tell her we were coming and she cried.  We haven't seen each other in a very long time and if she thanked Master once she thanked Him a dozen times for bringing me to the reunion.  There were pictures taken of all "the girls" in my class and it turned out very well.

i was completely wiped out on the ride home and Master couldn't have been more upset or frustrated with me.  The excitement of the day has totally settled in my head and i can't blame Him.  i on the other hand am so thankful for everything He's done for me, i just can't even express to Him how much it means to me.  Every time i get to go to my home town i just get a little bit of my Mom to carry around for a while.  The streets the places we went, i had that banana muffin on the way home last night and remembered how much she loved them.  How she kept them in her freezer and ate one every Sunday.  i got to see the store Annies that my Mom could easily spend a paycheck in, and i stared at that store the entire time we walked to the car.  i could write for hours and not be able to even touch on everything i saw that brought me back to things i used to do with my Mom.  Even seeing all my friends who spent countless hours with Mom and i was just so wonderful, as drunk as they were i felt like i really had friends again, if only for a few hours.  Maybe leaving them was harder than even i knew.

Thank You Master.  Just that one day was a gift of a life time.

i love You.

MD's treasure     

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