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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Humiliation at its finest

It doesn't matter why He does it all i know is how it makes me feel. There is only one word that i've been able to come up with and that's humiliated. There is of course a huge amount of embarrassment involved but that's something that would only be expected it's the humiliation that i'm sure He likes. i don't really know, either way, that's the only word that really rings true. The other thing is, it's the only time since we've been together that i can actually say He's really gone this way.

Every day i suck His cock, at the very least twice a day, maybe more it depends on the situation. i don't have to finish unless He wants me to, it just depends on whatever He wants. Every Tuesday His best friend comes over and has for years, as long as i've lived here but probably for more than 25 years, every single week unless someone is ill or we're on vacation, His friend comes over. They just hang out and play a video game, mess around on the computers and watch porn. There is always some sort of porn involved on some level. Master's friend is the only real life friend that we've always been completely out with, throughout our entire relationship. He knows just about everything, if not everything about us. He's seen pictures of me completely naked and every time Master puts in a higher gauge nipple ring in me, Master shows him the new rings.

It's gone a step further. Each week when it's time for me to suck Master's cock, i have to wait until His friend is here and in the room. It's only uncomfortable for me, they both love it. Master's friend has made many comments to Master and he loves watching it, it's none other than live porn and it's Master's right to use me anyway He sees fit at any time He sees fit. No matter who is around. It's just one more level of humiliation that i have yet to wrap my head around. Baring new nipple rings is somewhat humiliating but nothing like this is.

Last night Master knew i was really uncomfortable and i've been doing it now for many weeks. That just made Master have me do it longer, until He was sure that i was good and embarrassed. Funny though, i have no recourse, there's not one thing i can do. i just knelt there and did it.

Today in the shower i was thinking, who has safe words and what or when are they used? *For Us* i can't imagine ever using a safe word or ever having the need for one. Master just knows what is right for me. He knows His property and He knows how far He can push until it's "safe" for both of us. It's really not about what's safe for me, it's about what is good for us. i think that's the bottom line, He wouldn't ever want to hurt us in anyway and if He ever hurt me irreparably, He would be hurting us. This isn't really a topic i've ever even thought about before but i think for us, that's why we never really thought about having one. It just doesn't make sense, for us.

That was my Tuesday night. That's been my Tuesday night for the last few weeks.

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure


  1. Wow. Humiliation is a very powerful thing, something as a submissive I yearn for. It is hard to wrap your mind around unless you have the same feeling. As you so elequently stated, it requires a huge amount of trust that it won't go "too far" or it would deconstruct everything. I wish Goddess were a little more daring and creative in this area.

  2. Since the very first time He told me i would be performing in front of someone else i felt pretty helpless. i guess that's a good word. Helpless? i'm not sure.

    Each week after i'm finished and He shoes me off lol, that's sort of how it works, He just tells me i can be finished for the time, i do feel as though i've climbed one more emotional hurdle, if you will. So far though, it hasn't gotten any easier, which is interesting because i know this guy pretty well. That might be part of the issue, i think it might be a lot easier if he were a complete stranger to us both. Knowing i have to come face to face with my "audience" again and again is where the emotions begin to break down and i have to fall back on my trust in Master.