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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Manners... continued~

i was going to type this as a comment when i thought i might just as well continue along the same path with my next post.

That last comment made me think of an unspoken rule that Master and i share in the house and with our guests. We nearly (not quite but almost) demand that no one eat before everyone is seated, including me and i am always the last one seated. Masters parents eat here almost once a week and last week i saw His Dad dig in while i was still serving everyone else up. Last week was a little different because we ate inside and i was actually serving up plates. So when i saw him dig in i said in a lighthearted joking voice "now i know you're not eating before everyone else, are ya?", to that he just got a grin on his face and put down his fork and shook his head as if to say noooo he'd never do that. i made my point and no one was made to look foolish or feel uncomfortable.

my brother has a strict rule in his house that no one eats until the entire family is seated, especially his wife as she is always the last one seated. When my Mom used to visit them, just to be obstinate, my Mom would refuse to abide by his rule as she thought it was silly, she didn't think that everyone should have to eat cold food, that was her excuse. Her real reason was because it was out of her control, so she refused cooperate. It's a matter of respect really, you appreciate your cook and it's the least you can do, really.

There are exceptions, when the cook sets a plate of piping hot pancakes in front of you and says "DIG IN" then it's free game! Generally because that's a meal that is eaten in stages. Master won't even make an exception for that meal though, He says that they can be kept warm enough.

Manners are not rocket science, it's simply a matter of putting someone else before you. A matter of asking yourself simple questions. i wish i could post a list of mandatory questions that every single person had to read/answer and follow for the rest of their lives lol. Here are a few of those questions:

Would you want to use the bathroom after yourself?
Did you replace your shopping cart?
Would you want to spend an hour in an elevator with yourself, with the air conditioning out? (Lots to consider here)
Would you want to be your friend?
If I call you, will I hear the smile in your voice or will I be able to tell you don't want to talk to me?
Would you want to ride in the car with you behind the wheel?
Are you the safest, most courteous driver you know?
Do you recycle, and create awareness whenever possible?
Do you take responsibility for your own actions and misgivings? (another broad area)

This could be anywhere from a huge work mix-up to a mess in a restaurant. Either way, owning up to our mistakes is just one more thing that creates character and shows that we're not perfect but if we do make mistakes we own up to them and try to fix them. i have seen many people try to pin the blame on co workers and friends just so they don't look bad or go as far to save their own jobs. i've also watched people create an enormous mess in a restaurant and just get up and leave without so much as a glance back to even attempt to try to pick up their mess. It's one thing to leave crumbs behind but it's another to dump a plate or glass and leave it.

Would you want to be your waitress? How you treat your wait staff says a lot about you. This is a very small example of questions i would like to ask people. People forget, they have bad days it's only natural but it sure would be nice to hear a genuine "have a nice day", once in a while or even see a random act of kindness. It's almost sad that they are called that now, when it just used to be called being friendly. Now being friendly is so out of the ordinary, it has to have a title. Well whatever it's called, it's a good thing. Do something wonderful for someone you just never know how it might brighten their day!

Peace to you and yours,

MD's treasure


  1. We have the same rule about eating and I am also the last one to sit down. I make sure everyone has napkins drink ect, once I sit then we eat. Period. Always. And like you, even if I am in pain and having a crappy day, I always try to smile and if I think I just cant do it today, then I stay home LOL.
    These last two post have been pretty good..:)


  2. I think I was the last comment! Whoo-hoo!

    My mother raised us with strict manners. I like to think my Dom and I are good hosts. It drives me nuts when my friends are not. I once went over to someone's house for game night. He knew we hadn't eaten dinner. He made a frozen pizza, served his gf and himself, and ate it in front of us without ever offering us anything to eat or drink. SO RUDE. Why are manners dying? :(