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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Food Stuffs

i had thought about doing one of those year in review posts but i think i would be lucky if i could remember a week in review. So i decided to pass on that. i'm sure if i went back over old posts i could remember highlights of what happened over the course of the year and other major events that i may not have written about but i'm not sure.

We were sitting on the couch last night looking at a stack of DVD's probably more than 2 feet high and now we just have to sit down to watch them. The DVD player in the living room hasn't worked in years but that really is of no consequence anyway, Master only watches major movies on the big screen TV in the family room in the basement. i just wish it worked because i'm a "watch a movie over and over" type of gal. We have a couple other DVD players in the house but they're in use. i told M last night i wish i had asked for one of those cheap players for Christmas this year. The living room is the most comfortable place for me, to watch movies.

Sounds like the DVD that M made for His brother and family as a Christmas present went over well, they called to say thank you. i'm sure they must have liked it, they were all laughing and talking about it when they called. For the time and effort He put into it, i'm sure they must have loved it.

Things are slow for us right now, the dead of winter, it's bitter cold outside right now and we barely want to venture outside. Master has scrapping to finish up and that project has been moved to the basement for the winter, when His parents get home from their trip i'll be going over there to clean from the holiday celebrations. Until they get home i'll work here to get things back in order. There is very little to put away as there was very little put out this year. We continue to simplify our lives the more we find that we just don't need or that we can live without, Master cuts back just a bit for savings sake and more often than not it's something i don't even notice.

i was looking into trying my hand at baking bread this may or may not be cost effective. The initial investment could easily put us way over what a years worth of bread would cost us depending on what type of yeast we would buy. Not to mention the energy bill just to bake the bread. More than anything i thought it might be fun just to try it once. There are many recipes i've been looking at lately that i can't even try without having dry yeast on hand. We made curly fries the other night. They were in the most natural form. They went from potato to fry, no seasoning, nothing. We even left the skins on the potato. The only thing we did wrong was leave them in the cooker too long, i think. We were waiting on them to brown more than they were willing. When they came out, i used a bit of garlic salt and they had a wonderful flavor but it was obvious they had been in a little too long. Master said that it's ridiculous for anyone to buy bagged frozen fries when you can make them yourself so cheap. But... we already had the potato curly fry thingy from ages ago.

That's it for me, sorry this was such a food heavy post. i guess that just sums up what i've been doing lately though. Have a good Saturday.

MD's treasure


  1. Hey you hope you and your Master had a great holiday!!!!

    Aww the bread..:) I make to DIE for bread BUT you nailed it when you said the cost. The flour, yeast, the time to cook it and not just that but the area (usually your kitchen) needs to be kept at about 72 degrees while it raises. The recipe I use takes about 6 hours for the bread to raise. Then baking.

    In todays society of 90 cent a loaf bread it is cheaper to buy then to bake so make sure you're baking because of the taste and not the cost. I do bread every thanksgiving and every christmas and I make alot of it for the kids take it home with them etc..:)

    PS when buying yeast buy the packet yeast and CHECK the date last year I bought yeast, made bread, and it didn't raise, I pull the yeast packet out..and it was EXPIRED had to remake the damn bread..grrrr. Also dont let you yeast and sugar interact (i dont let my yeast and sugar or salt interact) so if it calls for salt/sugar in your bread recipe be sure to add that to your flour and then sift it all together real well.

    ok I shut up now..on this post

    be good

  2. I made my first loaf of handmade bread on Christmas. I don't have a bread maker or stand mixer. I did it all by hand. The only ingredient I didn't have on hand was yeast; which I got just for trying bread making.

    Through calculations it cost me in ingredients about 1.25 per loaf ( I used bread flour). I'm not counting the 30 mins the oven was on for baking, but I double dutied it and roasted some zucchini and carrots for lunch on a separate shelf. So the energy was needed anyhow.

    I've got the time and the loaf turned out so well that Master said I'll be making bread from now on.

    I guess my point is that yes buying all the equipment that exists to make bread is insanely expensive, but it's not necessary. If you have time and want better tasting bread that you control what's in it then try a loaf. It doesn't have to be an everyday thing.

    You may know if you've been reading my blog that I'm working on simple living and bread making is part of that. I want to cut the food budget so making a lot of my own things will do that.

    I'm rambling. Best of luck in the coming year!

  3. We had a good holiday, thanks Starla, sounds like you all had fun too!

    Like you Luna we've been working on simplifying our life for quite some time, i wasn't sure we'd be able to save money going into this but the lure of the freshly made bread was certainly a draw. i made biscuits a couple weeks ago that totally didn't turn out. i think handled the dough too much and as M said i cheated anyway, i used Bisquick or rather a cheap mix substitute.

    Starla your bread recipe sounds a bit like my Mom's. Her bread had to proof for about 6 hours as well and i'd be happy to go that route also. i'm not looking for anything quick and easy. i didn't want to use a bread maker to mix the dough, i wanted to try it on my own. What kind of yeast are you buying? Are you buying individual packets or a jar of yeast that you measure how much you need? i've heard about each kind.

    Luna your bread fresh out of the oven looked fantastic. =)

    If either of you are willing to share your recipe, i'd love to try them! =)


  4. Hi hun!!

    My bread recipe is slow but I tell you it looks like bread from a bakery and taste even better! I had pictures in my journal of the bread (some of it was already eaten bratty family wont wait lol)

    My bread you have to knead and let raise and knead and let raise. Kneading is an art! You want to knead very little, the less you play with your dough the better your bread (and bisquits) will be. So be sure to read up on kneading bread.

    Email me and I can scan my recipe and send it back to you.

    be good

  5. My bread recipe is straight from the hillbilly housewife:

    I did a few alterations. Since my tap water tastes terrible I used filtered water and just warmed it up. I used dry active yeast instead of rapid rise yeast. I also used Alton Brown's suggestion on raising the bread which I mentioned in my previous comment.

    About the yeast. Dry active yeast needs to be proofed (put it in warm water with a bit of sugar for 5 mins to make it active) but Rapid rise yeast does not, just mix it in with the dry ingredients. The jarred yeast usually is rapid rise and 2 Tbsp is the same amount as what's in the packet so you can use whichever you find the most economical.

    I make another loaf tomorrow so I'm certain that it will come out even better!

  6. Correction, it's 2 tsp of yeast to a packet, not 2 Tbsp. Sorry!